My Favorite Quotes
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 Bill Caylor - “I think it clearly adds some strong safety provisions that will improve safety in the mines.”
 Bill Caylor - “For all kinds of reasons, the labor pool is smaller.”
 Bill Caylor - “It's important that we monitor these miners with problems. The intent is good. It needs to be thought through very carefully.”
 Bill Caylor - “It's fair game to make your emotional statement - that you don't like a particular form of mining - but at least we need to work to keep (the) facts in line with (the) story.”
 Bill Caylor - “But we have concern about any requirement for wireless tracking and communication because -- for now -- that technology doesn't work in a deep mine.”
 Bill Caylor - “It would probably keep outlaws out of the business.”
 Bill Caylor - “In Kentucky, there's been no discernible trend to the accidents. I don't know what's causing them, but it's very disheartening, that's what it is.”