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 Celso Amorim - “We all have a general idea of the numbers, but when we reach this point, it is important to have a precise idea of the numbers.”
 Celso Amorim - “But after an immediate uproar here, the Brazilian Foreign Ministry began backpedaling. There is no accord yet, only an idea, ... This is a theme that needs to be examined when we receive a concrete proposal.”
 Celso Amorim - “There is no accord yet, only an idea.”
 Celso Amorim - “There is no accord yet, only an idea. This is a theme that needs to be examined when we receive a concrete proposal.”
 Celso Amorim - “What's on the table today, taking into account all aspects, isn't sufficient. There's a lot more work to do.”
 Celso Amorim - “It has to be a person with the capacity and the political vision to handle a difficult situation.”
 Celso Amorim - “Whatever the council decides on actions it wishes to take, they have to involve some kind of engagement of Iraq. You cannot put in place a system unless you talk to the people who have the system in place.”
 Celso Amorim - “This is an opportunity, we cannot allow this to be another Seattle, another Cancun,”
 Celso Amorim - “This was a modest but not insignificant deal which could be a driving force to make real cuts in agricultural subsidies.”
 Celso Amorim - “That will make it easier for Brazilian firms to participate in infrastructure projects.”
 Celso Amorim - “We feel that these should not be tit-for-tat negotiations, this is something everyone should understand. Brazil and others are prepared to make some movement of our own and do everything that is necessary to move forward. This is an important step in the fight against poverty and I believe it is something that we must commit fully to achieving.”
 Celso Amorim - “In the logic of the current negotiations, market access will determine whether there will be a virtuous cycle leading to a positive result, and that depends fundamentally on the European Union.”
 Celso Amorim - “I'm very hopeful ... that the panel will be able to have a fresh look at this dossier and enable the Security Council to take the policy decisions,”
 Celso Amorim - “Of course if things happen in the way that they apparently happened this time it may play into the hands of terrorism.”
 Celso Amorim - “We are ready to talk, but it is just an exploratory conversation, since Brazil isn't negotiating with the United Kingdom. The negotiation involves the G-20 (the group of 21 developing countries), Europe, and the United States.”
 Celso Amorim - “It would not lessen the shock and concern, but it would be something concrete in addition to the apologies.”
 Celso Amorim - “This meeting is especially important as the committee had not met since 1987.”
 Celso Amorim - “made no proposal and then what there was went up in smoke. . . . He circled around the subject and seemed to be opening the door but then made absolutely clear he was not making a proposal.”
 Celso Amorim - “Now it is clear that unless a miracle occurs - and I'm not even sure what kind of miracle - we won't have a final deal ... in Hong Kong.”
 Celso Amorim - “There was a very good personal chemistry, ... Both men are pragmatists, focused on results.”
 Celso Amorim - “Most of the things the business people in the rich world wanted, they got in the Uruguay Round.”
 Celso Amorim - “We will not lower the level of ambition of the round. If necessary we may lower the level of expectation for Hong Kong,”
 Celso Amorim - “I think that we may have to be content with a little less, ... But if that happens, it does not mean lowering the ambition of the round.”
 Celso Amorim - “Talks have reached a critical stage and negotiators need to reach a deal on agriculture in the next two weeks if efforts to restart the Doha round by the end of the year are to succeed. Some speak of a deadlock in the talks, ... I prefer to talk of a padlock, and the key is in the hands of the EU.”
 Celso Amorim - “The worst possible scenario would be to lower the ambition and try to do something on the cheap side. If you don't have an appropriate result now, we'll have to wait another 20 years to have real reform in agriculture.”

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