My Favorite Quotes
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 Noe Cerezo - “The bottom line is those guys are good. We had our chances, too, and couldn't put it away. The bottom line is they were the better team and did what they had to do. We had a few little mistakes and we've got to learn from those in the future.”
 Noe Cerezo - “To be honest, this one was pretty close even compared to our other games. Maybe that was because of our young guys, but we were all right.”
 Noe Cerezo - “The bottom line is we won the game. We just have to work on that killer instinct. If you have somebody down, you've got to keep stepping on them, but the guys played well and they wanted it.”
 Noe Cerezo - “I really think a lot of people doubted us and thought we didn't have it this year. Little did they know that everybody in the district was pretty strong, so it was tough.”
 Noe Cerezo - “We shouldn't have even been in that position to start with. The first goal they score, we're still in the game. But after the second one, we were spending the rest of the time trying to put the ball in there in a hurry when we should've been scoring a long time before.”
 Noe Cerezo - “I'm telling you, those kids have been pulling games out like that. They know they have to produce. I don't know why they wait until then, but it happens.”
 Noe Cerezo - “We're not the same team we were from the first game. I really think it's going to be a different story than the first time. It seems like these kids realize what they did wrong, and they're going to come out and try to fix what they did last time.”
 Noe Cerezo - “I really believe (playing through struggles) is a plus for us this year. Once we overcame that, starting out on the wrong foot, we went back to where we're supposed to be, and I think the kids are going to step it up and come through.”
 Noe Cerezo - “It's just a matter of time. The kids are getting it together and it's one of those things that half of them don't have the experience. They can play, it's just sometimes you need the experience, too, and it's gotten better every time.”
 Noe Cerezo - “They played well, there's no doubt, and they started playing the ball better. I'm not going to deny they played well and I'm proud of them. But the bottom line is we lost. I've been telling the kids they've got to find that killer instinct and we could actually put people away 3-0, 4-0. We had our chances.”
 Noe Cerezo - “Midland High, I swear they played good and I take my hat off to them. At times we were kind of flat, but we still had the courage.”
 Noe Cerezo - “Our defense has been so much better and our kids are finally finishing it up (on offense). We've gotten our confidence back, and that's what has gotten them through the past few games.”