My Favorite Quotes
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 Gene Cernan - “What I remember perhaps most is starting up that ladder and looking over my shoulder and looking at those footprints down there and realizing that they were really mine and that there weren't going to be any (more) for a long time to come.”
 Gene Cernan - “That's a very disappointing handle that people put on me.”
 Eugene Cernan - “It's our destiny to explore. It's our destiny to be a space-faring nation.”
 Gene Cernan - “It was probably the greatest singular human endeavor, certainly in modern times, maybe in the history of all mankind.”
 Eugene Cernan - “We leave as we came and, god willing, as we shall return, with peace, and hope for all mankind.”
 Gene Cernan - “Curiosity is the essence of human existence and exploration has been part of humankind for a long time. The exploration of space, like the exploration of life, if you will, is a risk. We've got to be willing to take it.”