My Favorite Quotes
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 Sharon Cerny - “Serendipity means finding great things by chance. That's how we feel about the farm. We read about the farm in a newspaper ad. They also had an article on a couple who talked about serendipity. That day we came out to look at the farm.”
 Sharon Cerny - “We just try to make it special, make it more of an event. When people come they think it's a special thing taking place and we try to pick the times of year people would enjoy the gardens most.”
 Sharon Cerny - “Mostly what I hope they see is a piece of life they might not have experienced before. The most common thing people say when they visit is it feels like heaven, it's so tranquil and peaceful. People from the city just love coming out here.”
 Sharon Cerny - “If you were to know us, my husband is extremely eccentric. He's never held a real job he's an artist. He's had many years to be himself and never had to change or adapt to anyone. People find him very interesting. I think I'm eccentric too because I love the blend of classic with whimsy. That's what this farm is all about now.”