My Favorite Quotes
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 Gustavo Chacin - “That was a good game -- a great game. Maybe it was one of the best games I've had this year.”
 Gustavo Chacin - “It's just sometimes I missed my spots, missed my location, that's when I got hurt. I feel great like I did in the beginning of the year, just sometimes guys swing the bat real well.”
 Gustavo Chacin - “It was a little bit hard, because I had to warm up on the mound. The umpires told me to take my time, and that's what I tried to do.”
 Gustavo Chacin - “These guys hit a lot. They can change the score like that. All you have to do is hold them in the game, keep the score close, that's what I've done the last couple times.”
 Gustavo Chacin - “It's great. Seven starters is awesome. We got a lot of Venezuelan players in the big leagues. I'm going to watch the highlights.”
 Gustavo Chacin - “It's good for both (men and women). It smells really good.”
 Gustavo Chacin - “It's good to be back with team and get my work. I feel great ... but I'm still working as a starter, doing my normal five days routine to get my arm in shape.”
 Gustavo Chacin - “Everybody's fighting, everybody's giving the best they can. But Chacon threw a great game. No luck.”
 Gustavo Chacin - “They have good confidence. These guys hit a lot. They can change the score fast. You have to just hold the games -- keep the runs close. That's what I did the last couple times.”