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 Charles Chafer - “Doohan is part of a generation thinking, What is an appropriate tribute for my life It's not just the same choices as grandma had.”
 Mike Schafer - “Friday he had a couple of goals that he probably wishes he could have back,”
 Ed Schafer - “If there's going to be another growth cycle in terms of schools, I'm not sure where it's going to come from.”
 John Schafer - “We have a very contemporary building in the heart of downtown, but we didn't want to look like Wall Street.”
 Mike Schafer - “That was a critical one when it was 3-2. We kind of fell asleep a little bit ... that was the game. They played very well. I have to tip my hat to their hockey team.”
 Sheldon Schafer - “They are primitive un-evolved bodies, so by studying these bodies we can learn more about how the solar system came to be in a way that's not otherwise possible.”
 John Schafer - “Parking can be a challenge downtown, so we thought why not encourage mass-transit use.”
 Nich Schafer - “She's confident. It's just a matter of putting it all together at the time of the match.”
 Mike Schafer - “It takes time and money to develop a market.”
 Mike Schafer - “It was really nice, obviously as time goes along you want to get that, ... We had no idea what was going on, so we wanted to do it ourselves, and it was particularly nice to get the first-place banner and get the Ivy League championship all at once.”
 Jeff Schafer - “We have so many great scorers that I just got down low in rebounding position and luckily the ball bounced my way. I had missed a couple of close shots early and Coach (Duane Witter) told me to take my time. I took a little more time and got them to fall.”
 Nich Schafer - “They had opportunities today and took advantage of what they could and I have nothing to be upset about. They played their best match all year.”
 Ian Schafer - “By setting it up as a tour, people can spend 10 to 15 minutes with the application if they want. There are 15 scenes covered from the last season and they can experience it in a variety of ways.”
 John Schafer - “When you're opening a new hotel, you want the best of the best. I knew she had had to work really hard to prove herself.”
 Mike Schafer - “We took the guys to see Lambeau Field yesterday, and that's all they were talking about. Maybe they were still talking about it in the first period today.”
 Mike Schafer - “Obviously, it is very comforting to know that David McKee returns, ... Having David back gives us a real solid base to build our team around. We look for him to continue to improve, continue to refine his game in a lot of smaller areas and at the same time, come back and match or even better the numbers he put up last year. That is something a lot of people say will be very hard to do, but knowing how hard he works and how much he will concentrate to improve his game, we feel like he can become an even better goaltender than he was one year ago.”
 Ian Schafer - “Once in a while you'll get something like the Wedding Crashers trailer. It gets more people to see the trailer and interact with it in a way they've never been able to before.”
 Mike Schafer - “We won't be the same team obviously in two weeks than we will in five months, so I think the biggest thing is to come into those games and try to have some of the things you can do earlier in the year and that's to play with a lot of passion and a lot of heart. Those are kind of the overused terms in sports, but I think that there's a certain will that we're going to have to have to win games early on in the year.”
 Ed Schafer - “This is pretty stunning. The net out-migration (domestically) is so powerfully high. That's the story. Riverside (County) is just the opposite. Here you have the coastal counties with all these people leaving them but the counties just to the interior have all these people moving in.”
 Charles Chafer - “We are attempting to give the public around the world the opportunity to be involved in very real space missions.”
 Sheldon Schafer - “There's a touch screen where you can assemble snippets into a mini-show. Imagine you go to a jukebox and punch in a number of tapes, and it plays your show.”
 Rich Schafer - “It's the best league around, and it's going to be a dogfight every night. The fun really starts on Monday night. In my mind, we're in a position to challenge some of the big teams around.”
 Mike Schafer - “Both nights we scored early, but I thought Friday night we didn't come ready to compete and work as hard as we needed to work -- it's a whole different approach to the game.”
 Charles Chafer - “They literally come from all walks of life -- from rocket scientists to restaurant owners and truck drivers. They were mostly people who were interested in space or anyone who just liked to walk out and look up at the stars at night,”
 Rich Schafer - “You look at the way that Joe has that team playing and you know what his influence is. They fight and work and make you earn everything that you get.”

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