My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Schaffer - “If something's too cheap, it's probably too good to be true.”
 Kent Schaffer - “The government is getting too many bites at the apple until they get something they are happy with.”
 Chris Chaffer - “I take my hat off to Berrien Springs. They wanted it as bad as we did and they played with a lot of heart.”
 Kent Schaffer - “They're going to have to be very good witnesses or they're history.”
 Kent Schaffer - “In these situations a judge can actually rehabilitate people.”
 Kent Schaffer - “This is where we'll see what the lawyers really get paid to do.”
 Bob Schaffer - “The Russians have a lot at stake, and the power of Moscow pride should never be underestimated.”
 Bob Schaffer - “The first thing the federal government can do to help is get out of the way.”
 Bob Schaffer - “The demonstrators in Ukraine will persevere and succeed, or grow tired, cold and fade.”
 Bob Schaffer - “Salazar's record is one of weakness he hasn't been a good attorney general.”
 Bob Schaffer - “It is unlikely Yanukovich won. If he did, his government made it impossible to determine.”
 Bob Schaffer - “I would love to see the French spending money to restore Iraq.”
 Bob Schaffer - “Government is just spending too much money.”
 Gregg Schaffer - “I thought we were going to have a good team this year. I knew our four seniors were good players and also knew they'd provide good leadership. And that proved out. These guys were great leaders in every way.”
 Gregg Schaffer - “I thought we executed extremely well in overtime.”
 Richard Schaffer - “He was definitely a father figure for me. He was the one who made me go back to law school, supported me during the toughest times as Babylon supervisor, and, most humbling, he picked me to take his place as county leader.”
 Bob Schaffer - “That really doesn't affect us in a negative way. There are some positives to it. It will bring a lot more shoppers to Marina, and they will shop in Wal-Mart and drift down to University Village.”
 Michael Schaffer - “I talked about men and women during the shaving lecture. That's a question people ask.”
 Charlie Schaffer - “Otherwise, we will be dealing with this for the next 10 years.”
 Michael Schaffer - “It's all true, ... I did talk about pubic hair in response to someone's paper, and I show pictures of naked people to show what real bodies look like.”
 Richard Schaffer - “This is 8.6 on the Richter scale. With an open supervisor seat and the GOP organization fighting ... it sounds to me like Islip is Brookhaven 2006.”
 Bob Schaffer - “If you're elected on the State Board of Education to deal with education issues, then you should boldly stand up and have an opinion on the most pressing issue associated with education today.”
 Gregg Schaffer - “I'm just extremely proud of our toughness and composure all night long. I can't say enough about Niles and the type of game they played. It was two evenly matched teams that competed hard. I'm just thankful that we found a way to pull it out.”
 Gregg Schaffer - “As the game wore on we were able to solve their press. It disrupted us early, but the kids adjusted well. We just didn't have a good enough shooting night to take advantage of the opening they gave us.”
 Jeff Schaffer - “This is really important to make sense of the experience and to grow from it.”

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