My Favorite Quotes
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 Ilene Chaiken - “Representation (on television) is so important to people. Lesbians have never had a show of our own before, so I understand all of the (fan) ranting and raving out there about it. Even more so than with other shows, the fans own this show. It's not my show it's theirs.”
 Ilene Chaiken - “She's still going to try. She sees how destructive it was, how hurtful it was. Of all the characters in the show, Shane is the one who least wants to cause pain to anyone else.”
 Ilene Chaiken - “I made a conscious decision to go back to what we did in the first season, which I think worked better. We went for more naturalistic drama, and we went for the humor which we missed the second year.”
 Ilene Chaiken - “She's our first real butch on the show - a fabulously attractive butch, but nonetheless a real butch. And we deal with the issue of gender. We wanted to tell that story, a big story in the gay community and, in the last couple years, a huge story in the lesbian community.”
 Ilene Chaiken - “Ours is probably in the top tier of shows that have such an engaged fan base. Fans really want to be involved and to provide feedback about what should happen with these characters, and this is a great way to interact with our audience.”