My Favorite Quotes
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 Shami Chakrabarti - “Three months' detention without charge is the very antithesis of justice. This new British internment is as damaging to fighting terrorism at home as to defending our reputation around the globe.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “The thought of secret hearings where once again the accused will never hear the case against them fills me with dread.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “There is a need to recreate the consensus that existed after the 7th July attacks. We need to focus on what unites us in the struggle against terrorism that is our fundamental values. These values are human rights the bedrock of our beliefs, not a convenience, a luxury or a pick and mix.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “Of course these records should be accessed by police to solve serious criminal cases, but this power cannot be used indiscriminately.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “It's completely right that the media handling and the statements and the comments that were made about the shooting are dealt with just as robustly as the police operation itself.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “We need to be more careful about senior police officers rushing in front of TV cameras defending positions before there has been time to reflect and take stock,”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “Public safety can be enhanced by passenger screening but police must not heighten tensions by targeting young men from ethnic minorities.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “That in my view would be incredibly counterproductive to the work of the police and security services if they are to engage with the communities who may have intelligence.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “The fundamental values of a democracy cannot be changed because we are provoked by terrorists.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “The entire system should be under review to ensure that there is not a culture which would allow the alleged abuses to take place.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “reflect on the culture of intolerance that he may be promoting in his party and the country as a whole.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “We don't win by mimicking the profound authoritarianism of those who are plotting against this country. I think it is very worrying that the prime minister has jeopardized our national unity today both in terms of community relations and in terms of consensus politics.”
 Shami Chakrabarti - “This courageous vote proves that we are not in China yet. Despite a concerted attempt at party tribalism and an excessively political campaign by certain senior police officers, the House of Commons has helped to restore faith in politics this evening.”