My Favorite Quotes
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 Mark Chalupa - “It always seems to be one of our bigger races. There will be a lot of cars from out of town. This will be our first points race. We're hoping to have 125 cars. A lot of people are ready to race.”
 Mark Chalupa - “I think everybody's excited about it. Our crew is ready to go. The drivers are very anxious. Usually the first night really gets things rolling.”
 Mark Chalupa - “A few of them are a little rusty. A lot of them have raced each other for years. But they're going to have to get the rust out. We might see some controversy. Guys are wanting to go. They just can't wait. That always makes for a very interesting opening night. It can be very trying sometimes, too.”
 Mark Chalupa - “We're looking forward to having a really good year. We have a lot of fan favorites coming out. As far as the competition, it's going to be just as tough as it was last year.”
 Mark Chalupa - “We're trying to speed the program up. We want to get fans out by 10 or 1030. Last year we were done before 11 on average. A couple of nights were 930 or 10. It ran too late a couple of times.”