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 Peter Chandler - “It has been a good day for the index. Toronto has held up very well and held its gains better than the Dow or the Nasdaq,”
 Peter Chandler - “The market is giving back some of the gains that it made in the past couple of days. The market is now overbought so we should expect to see it sell off,”
 Tyson Chandler - “I know I am a big part of the team. When I've stepped up, it seems like everyone else has stepped up in these last few games.”
 Jerry Chandler - “It was just a good game. These are the type of games you want to play in right here.”
 Ben Chandler - “They're real guys, guys you can just go up to and talk to, ... They're not holier than thou. They're there for a reason, and they're going to get respect even though a lot of teams don't give them that much respect. ... My biggest thing is winning, and they win.”
 Peter Chandler - “You just have so much uncertainty and the one thing the market doesn't like is not knowing, ... We're probably getting closer to a sell-out climax, a washout, that will at least give us a trading rally.”
 Steve Chandler - “They've been here before, so it's kind of old hat for them. It's just another golf tournament, but there's a little more on the line because there is that carrot of going to the state tournament in front of them.”
 Scott Chandler - “They are playing more as a team. You're not seeing guys talking all about themselves. Even before the (2003) game, they had a couple of guys suspended for the first quarter. You could just tell (during the game) that they didn't come in with the mindset that they were playing a good team.”
 Wes Chandler - “Eventually we'll get to where we'll have two vertical guys outside with Travis inside. That's a special package. It's like a jaguar. It's fast and you have a guy who has good speed who can work inside and win.”
 Peter Chandler - “What is good is that we're seeing a real turn in investor sentiment to the negative, and you need that before you can get any sort of a bounce,”
 Steve Chandler - “And, ... the taxes are generally only due on dividends - and most investors buy the stock for growth, not for dividend returns.”
 Linda Chandler - “Hold positive expectancy in the front of your mind and it will appear in the palm of your hand.”
 Linda Chandler - “When heart and mind connect with spirit and purpose, there is nothing we cannot do.”
 Tyson Chandler - “Coach pretty much addressed us and told us we needed to step it up. We kind of took that to heart. A lot of it we've been getting in extra on our own. It's really been great.”
 Kyle Chandler - “I think in the series we captured a piece of that life. I was short and fat the first year and got the hell beat out of me. Then I was tall and skinny and got the hell beat out of me again.”
 Don Chandler - “This is a new season. What happened before is history. It's one and done and you have to go out and play every game like its the most important.”
 John Chandler - “Some people are very proud of the fact that some of the material in the new houses came from their own old house.”
 Bill Chandler - “There's a lot fond memories here, ... I met my husband here. A lot of big name drivers like The Duke and all those guys we watched race around this track. It's really going to be a sad thing when we're not going to be able to race here anymore.”
 Mark Chandler - “The Canadian dollar still gets support from oil prices. There is still room for the currency to improve.”
 Linda Chandler - “Think P.I.G. - thats my motto. P stands for Persistence, I stands for Integrity, and G stands for Guts. These are the ingredients for a successful business and a successful life.”
 Dalton Chandler - “This has been a little unusual in that Internet stocks have been selling off on a steady basis. Usually, you see the sector down 20 percent one day then up 40 percent the next.”
 John Chandler - “winning is not a destination, it's a journey.”
 Mark Chandler - “Theres an awful lot of knowledge we can gain from past climates.”
 Raymond Chandler - “I've found that there are only two kinds that are any good slang that has established itself in the language, and slang that you make up yourself. Everything else is apt to be pass before it gets into print.”
 Joel Chandler - “Oh, war shill we go w'en de great day comes, Wid be blowin' er de trumpits en de bangin' er de drums How many po' sinners'll be kotched out late En find no latch ter de golden gate”

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