My Favorite Quotes
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 Suranga Chandratillake - “It's very trendy to dismiss big media as slow-moving and stupid regarding the Internet,”
 Suranga Chandratillake - “We wanted to make the experience of finding compelling multimedia and making it portable, as efficient and easy as possible.”
 Suranga Chandratillake - “The reality is the majority of people are talking about it, but haven't launched it.”
 Suranga Chandratillake - “Today, the way the system works, when you sign up to provide your content for the system, you sign off that your content will be downloaded and replicated. We do have a DRM, but we are keeping it for more commercial content.”
 Suranga Chandratillake - “From the day we launched, our search logs have demonstrated great user demand for amateur videos. The Battle Royale was a way to showcase the interesting and entertaining content, created by regular people like Aaron and Julie, who use the new Web as a way to bring a slice of their lives and personalities to friends and the Internet community.”