My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Chane - “This is a tremendous resource of history and knowledge, and we want to expose that to viewers worldwide.”
 Peter Chane - “The market will explode if that happens. Today, if you are buying a device, you are buying into an ecosystem.”
 Peter Chane - “We're constantly exploring new ideas on how to deliver content to users.”
 Peter Chane - “We're excited to bring this historic footage to the world. Previously, you had to go to the National Archives in Washington, D.C., to see these films. Now, you can simply sit down at your computer anywhere in the world and watch history.”
 Peter Chane - “That's the beauty of the system - the viewers of the video are really determining what is popular.”
 Peter Chane - “We think this is an historic move for video. It's the first time content providers can distribute to a broad audience online.”