My Favorite Quotes
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 Li Changchun - “Results of the re search should be able to enhance the appeal and influence of Marxism.”
 Li Changchun - “major breakthrough and innovation in theory.”
 Li Changchun - “Currently, China's reform and development enters a decisive period with new issues and new problems emerging constantly. The international political and economic situation is undergoing significant changes, and the Party and government are facing new tests, ... We should strengthen the Party's theoretical building and the work of summing up and studying historical experience, and devote more efforts to investigation and research of social reality, so as to push forward the great cause of building a socialist society with Chinese characteristics.”
 Li Changchun - “Over the past 40 years since the Tibet Autonomous Region was established, Tibet has made tremendous economic and social achievements,”
 Li Changchun - “The protection of intangible cultural heritage and maintaining the continuity of the national culture constitute an essential cultural base for enhancing cohesion in the nation.”
 Li Changchun - “construction of socialist progressive culture.”
 Li Changchun - “In the building of a harmonious socialist society, the development of an advanced socialist culture is of much importance as it can provide a strong ideological guarantee, as well as powerful spiritual support, for our efforts,”
 Li Changchun - “The project is a major part of the drive to build socialist new countryside. It's very important for improving rural cultural life.”
 Li Changchun - “We should push the Chinese culture to the world and make it a positive factor in deepening understanding, friendship and cooperation with the rest of the world.”
 Li Changchun - “This is a common sense. How could the highest-ranking Japanese diplomat be ignorant of this”
 Li Changchun - “There is only one China in the world and the government of the People's Republic of China is the sole legitimate government of the whole of China.”
 Li Changchun - “The one-China principle is the most important political basis for China and CPC's foreign policy,”
 Li Changchun - “I hope the visit would help you have a better understanding of China and transfer the friendship of Chinese people to your compatriots,”
 Li Changchun - “As developing nations, China and African countries are connected by our common experience and tasks, which make us friends under every circumstance,”
 Li Changchun - “The mutual-beneficial cooperation between China and Brazil and their joint efforts in seeking common prosperity will not only benefit the interests of the two peoples but also have a profound impact on the development of Asia and the Latin America,”
 Li Changchun - “The CPC and Chinese government have always affixed prodigious moment to the inveterate friendly relations with Africa,”
 Li Changchun - “We are fully confident about the prospect of trade and economic cooperation between China and South Africa,”