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 Elaine Chao - “We have created this new Internet resource to connect workers to employers who have jobs to give, including temporary jobs cleaning up and rebuilding devastated communities,”
 Liu Jianchao - “We urge the US Government to stop interfering in China's religious affairs under the guise of the religion issue,”
 Liu Jianchao - “The Chinese government is resolutely against and will resolutely tackle the illegal immigrants problem, in whatever form.”
 Liu Jianchao - “The Chinese government and the Chinese embassy in France are very concerned about the current situation of the ethnic Chinese in France.”
 Liu Jianchao - “The Chinese government has always considered it important to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens from being violated.”
 Liu Jianchao - “The governments of both countries do not wish for this incident to bring any harm to Sino-Russia relations,”
 Liu Jianchao - “The governments of both countries do not wish for this incident to bring any harm to Sino-Russia relations.”
 Liu Jianchao - “We are happy about the normalization of the Pakistan-India relationship and hope such a momentum could be maintained and this could be conducive to the realization of solutions for the pending issues between the two countries.”
 Liu Jianchao - “Chinese public security has never issued such a warning for foreigners on the hotel issue... Chinese hotels are safe.”
 Elaine Chao - “We feel a pathway to citizenship would reward illegal activity, ... Amnesty encourages further illegal immigration.”
 Liu Jianchao - “We attach great importance to recent developments,”
 Elaine Chao - “That's a point that I'm concerned about. But if you look at the core inflation rate, it's actually below wage increases.”
 Liu Jianchao - “We hope to see some progress, but we didn't really expect too much ... because the process takes time, ... The basic problem existing, is still the lack of trust between the United States and North Korea.”
 Elaine Chao - “Repetitive-stress injuries in the workplace are an important problem. I recognize this critical challenge and want you to understand that the safety and health of our nation's workforce will always be a priority during my tenure as Secretary,”
 Liu Jianchao - “Anyway, I can brief you on China's position on Sudan. We are making efforts to restore peace in Sudan. We hope both parties can implement the agreements reached. We hope to see a stronger role for the African Union in solving the Sudan problem.”
 Liu Jianchao - “We have repeated our position on relations with the Vatican many times. There is no change in our position.”
 Elaine Chao - “This is a major victory for the workers, who will now get paid what they are entitled to and be compensated for health and safety precautions at their plants, ... I am pleased that Perdue has stepped forward to do the right thing.”
 Fred Chao - “Having Shaun and Hudson and Matt anchor the team is very comforting. To have a setter that can get all the hitters going early in a match will be huge for us. We've got weapons this year, and we've just got to use them.”
 Elaine Chao - “it is a wonderful statement about who we are as Americans.”
 Liu Jianchao - “when Saddam was in power, the Iraqi people had suffered from several wars and sanctions for many years.”
 Elaine Chao - “We are going to try to find you. We have teams of people canvassing neighborhoods and visiting churches and relief centers.”
 Elaine Chao - “She tells USA TODAY that demand for some professions needed in rebuilding was already strained amid demand for new housing. A labor shortage could push up wages, she says. We're going to see a tremendous boom in construction, ... People want to come back home.”
 Liu Jianchao - “We think that the two sides should respect each other and follow the principle of equality and properly handle the issue in accordance with World Trade Organization regulations.”
 Liu Jianchao - “This meeting will not be a next round of six-party talks but it will be a good opportunity for the delegates to exchange views to discuss how to overcome difficulties and ensure an early resumption of six-party talks.”
 Elaine Chao - “Government officials say assistance for victims is a priority, and that steps have been taking to streamline the payment process. And they also say the storm will yield new jobs and opportunity. In the recovery will come restoration and rebuilding, ... After a national disaster, there is an expanded burst of new construction activity.”

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