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 Lindsay Charlton - “The heart of ITV Local is public participation.”
 Lindsay Charlton - “ITV1 can no longer guarantee an income stream, especially with other people in the digital marketplace.”
 Bobby Charlton - “Beckham is unusual. He was desperate to be a footballer. His mind was made up when he was nine or ten. Many kids think that it's beyond them. But you can't succeed without practising at any sport.”
 Jack Charlton - “The Irish job was something that had to be sorted out.”
 Bobby Charlton - “It feels really great. Some of them we haven't seen for a long, long time.”
 Sir Charlton - “This has been the most eye-opening experience I have had for a very long time. But it was nothing like what went on here.”
 Vaughn Charlton - “It was a very positive experience. A lot of good memories. The next chapter starts today.”
 Lindsay Charlton - “We've beaten BT and the BBC to trial broadband, and have something that'll knock their socks off. TV has come of age with ITV Local.”
 Sir Charlton - “Man United has a great squad and whatever happens, we will be able to bring a strong squad. I know Alex (Ferguson) always wants to win and he will put together a good team. I know they will be tough matches but everyone who comes to watch will have a great time.”
 Jack Charlton - “Eusebio was a truly great player, strong, beautifully balanced, and very quick, as good as Pele in my view and an exciting player to watch.”
 Jack Charlton - “Mick McCarthy took them within sight of the World Cup quarter-final and he got the push. Brian Kerr got them within a point of qualifying and he got the push. Im glad Im not applying for the job.”
 Jack Charlton - “Man United have shops all round the world. It's a big money spinner plus the fact that they change their strip every five minutes.”
 Bobby Charlton - “The injuries worry me because they all seem to be long term.”
 Norm Charlton - “But the downside was not worth the risk. Anything that makes your performance better is always an athlete's goal ... You're talking a ton of money. It's very understandable why guys in the minor leagues would want to do it.”
 Jack Charlton - “Nineteen years old, your first trip, do you have any idea how long we have been waiting”
 Lindsay Charlton - “ITV has been proud of its regional services for 50 years, but until now we haven't had the delivery systems to provide a truly local service.”
 Bobby Charlton - “Some people tell me that we professional players are soccer slaves. Well, if this is slavery, give me a life sentence.”
 Lindsay Charlton - “What's pushing the BBC is they see this as an expansion of their public service remit. We see ITV Local, and broadband, as an opportunity to access new markets. My view of the BBC and its broadband plans are the same as newspapers' that it is all very well, but there should be a proper market-interest test because they are a publicly funded broadcaster.”
 Lindsay Charlton - “This is the first time in 50 years that an ITV region has provided news and feature programming 24 hours a day to the entire region. We're also giving our viewers the opportunity to create their own programming and we think there is an enormous appetite for this service. Friends and family can catch up with their own region wherever they are in the world thanks to the Internet and broadband technology.”
 Jack Charlton - “Of course it was a method of play you had to change because people get the idea once they have played against you.”
 Peter Charlton - “People are more prepared since then, whether that is media owners with more opportunities or, more importantly, clients who have taken a wiser look at it.”
 Michael Charlton - “After 20 years of evaluations, none of which put his IQ over 70 and some that put his IQ in the 50s there is no doubt he is mentally retarded.”
 Michael Charlton - “After 20 years of evaluations, none of which put his IQ over 70 and some that put his IQ in the 50s there is no doubt he is mentally retarded.”
 Bobby Charlton - “It was a fair decision, the penalty, even though it was debatable whether it was inside or outside the box.”
 Bobby Charlton - “I'd like to see it. It's either a goal or it's not and at least we'd know. It would only take 15 seconds for a decision. Why not when the stakes are so high”

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