My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Charney - “You can minimize the risk but you are not going to get risk down to zero, ... It's like life. You can walk in well-lighted areas, but you might still get mugged.”
 Scott Charney - “As part of our commitment to delivering secure, private and reliable computing experiences for everyone, Microsoft aims to provide timely, relevant and easy-to-understand security guidance so business customers can maintain a more secure enterprise environment. The Security Summits are a great venue for both IT professionals and developers to learn about key trends in the security industry, including how to prepare for advances in security technologies and how to develop more secure business applications.”
 Scott Charney - “Sophisticated hackers don't attack in a straight line, ... They weave between sites. If one of these sites strips off the source information and throws it away, there can be a break in the chain for investigators.”
 Scott Charney - “Global connectivity, lots of open sites, poor security at some, and lack of tracing ability create an environment where if you are up to no good, you can flourish,”