My Favorite Quotes
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 Colin Chaulk - “We had a slow start, and a couple teams came out of the gate really fast. It's kind of tough to get into any better position than we have. But I think we've played really well since those first 16 games.”
 Colin Chaulk - “We talk about our shifts. I think we have a good understanding of each other. My role is to carry the puck and keep it as long as I can, and their role is to get it to me and then head to the net.”
 Colin Chaulk - “People ask me to shoot more, and it's hard for me to do that. I'd like to shoot more. Even my mom tells me to shoot more and she doesn't even watch the games.”
 Colin Chaulk - “Last year, playing against Rockford at home, I hurt my right shoulder. This year, in Rockford, I hurt the right wrist. Rockford's got my number, I guess.”
 Colin Chaulk - “It's a little bit of a knack and a little luck.”
 Colin Chaulk - “Tyler Willis, he's improved in the past three years. When he first got to Kalamazoo, I thought, 'How did this guy play in the American League' Some guys, they get better, and he's a first-line player right now.”
 Colin Chaulk - “We knew they were missing some physical presence tonight, and we wanted to take it to them a bit. Coach has been harping on that all year, but it's tough when you play 76 games to do it every night. It's something we need to do, especially here at home.”
 Colin Chaulk - “That's one of the hardest games I've worked this year, I felt. To get nothing accomplished is real frustrating. I was hound-dogging that puck at both ends like it was nobody's business, like I haven't eaten in a month, and I didn't get anything for it.”
 Colin Chaulk - “It's no secret the penalties and frustrations of our club need to be better. I'm one to blame. I'm not blaming the officiating for any game or anybody else. It's completely the team's loss because of the penalties and the lack of discipline and not getting the right bounces tonight.”