My Favorite Quotes
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 Hugo Chavez - “Don't ask me to give you the state's rights to exploit mines, to exploit oil, ... Before all else comes national unity.”
 Hugo Chavez - “They accuse us of buying arms to give them to the guerrillas no, they're for our troops, ... They are a terrorist state, but they accuse us of being terrorists.”
 Cesar Chavez - “There's nothing good in there.”
 Eric Chavez - “As good as our pitching has been, you can tell when we swing the bats well, they are comfortable. When we're not swinging the bats, they are not too comfortable on the mound. Hitting will really dictate how well we do the last month.”
 Larry Chavez - “They get along with each other and Brian does a good job keeping them together. There's been other teams with as much talent, maybe more, but they didn't have that intangible - something there's no stats for.”
 Hugo Chavez - “I want to recognize the efforts made to resist this steamrollering... this lack of respect by the imperialistic United States government,”
 Hugo Chavez - “I'm going to leave here someday, but when I leave I'm going to hand over the government to a revolutionary, and surely someone more revolutionary than I am. The revolution ... has arrived to stay though all of this century, and past the 22nd century.”
 Hugo Chavez - “We never lose hope that we'll regain a good tone with Mr. Bush's government,”
 Hugo Chavez - “The U.S. government took no precautions, knowing that New Orleans is a city below sea level. The government evacuated no one. How many thousands died that could have been evacuated by air, land or sea Not one ship was mobilized, not one helicopter, before the hurricane.”
 Hugo Chavez - “The DEA was used as a cover... to carry out intelligence work in Venezuela against this government,”
 Hugo Chavez - “We do not want to break relations with the US government it is not in our plans, ... But if the aggressions continue, ... this could put diplomatic relations between Venezuela and the United States at risk.”
 Hugo Chavez - “to have zero economic growth this year ... to stop the drop would be a success ... and reach 2.0 percent growth in the year 2000.”
 Hugo Chavez - “Some people say he is the devil, but the devil is in hell.”
 Eric Chavez - “We lost. The numbers say you're out and the season is over -- that's it. I think it was quite evident we were not going to do it. The numbers and history were not on our side. When he caught the ball, that's the end, There's no more.”
 Jesus Chavez - “I'm very excited. Barrera is considered the best Mexican fighter out there right now and my job is to keep him from making history.”
 Hugo Chavez - “the period should pass into history in which Hugo Chavez has to be mayor, governor and has to be in charge of everything.”
 Linda Chavez - “I really hope that Bush is able to pick someone who is able to go forward with a little more ease than I was,”
 Hugo Chavez - “We will never lose hope of recovering a better tone, on a rational, diplomatic, political and ... economic level”
 Eric Chavez - “We felt like we were playing with house money when they failed to run home on that ball.”
 Eric Chavez - “That was a situation where we needed to get something on the board. That was a key at-bat, and I didn't come through. That really hurt us. I wanted to be in that position.”
 Eric Chavez - “The tournament is a great idea. Even if I don't end up playing, I'm excited about watching it on TV.”
 Hugo Chavez - “Reverend Jackson, you can be sure that we will continue fighting for the ideas of Martin Luther King, for Christ the Redeemer's idea of loving one another and building a society of equals through our peaceful and democratic revolution,”
 Hugo Chavez - “The group is involved in true imperialist infiltration, the CIA, they take away sensitive, strategic information, ... And on top of that, exploiting the Indians.”
 Cesar Chavez - “Students must have initiative they should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves--and be free.”
 Hugo Chavez - “We've had to move the international reserves from U.S. banks because of the threats,”

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