My Favorite Quotes
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 John Chavis - “Obviously I think enough of (Mayo) to be a starter. That's what we've done, and he's earned that. I feel good about him playing.”
 John Chavis - “Weve still got a ways to go, though. Were not a finished product by any stretch of the imagination.”
 John Chavis - “Weve still got a ways to go, though. Were not a finished product by any stretch of the imagination.”
 Benjamin Chavis - “The artists themselves talk to young people about their own financial journey toward empowerment.”
 Boozoo Chavis - “Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.”
 Boozoo Chavis - “I'm not trying to be something I ain't. That's right. I'm me.”
 Boozoo Chavis - “I'm Creole, and I'm down to earth.”
 John Chavis - “I thought we would be really strong up front, and those guys have gotten the job done for us,”
 Bill Chavis - “That's the fastest time of any runner I've ever coached down in Danville.”
 John Chavis - “We had him the entire time. He was totally committed.”
 Benjamin Chavis - “are welcome here today.”
 Boozoo Chavis - “I keep up the tradition, the zydeco.”
 Boozoo Chavis - “Don't tell me to watch the beat. You watch me.”
 John Chavis - “I think he's got a good nose for the football. He's a full-speed player. He tackles well. He's a really, really good athlete, and that's what you're looking for.”
 Benjamin Chavis - “There's room in this movement for everybody. 50 percent of the people that came out today were young people and that's very encouraging. That shows us that we not only have a sense of resilience, but I see the torch of leadership being passed to young brothers and sisters in a new generation who are rising to the occasion out of their own rights. And the momentum of this day will be felt in communities throughout the nation.”
 John Chavis - “They were in better position to make plays (last night), and we expect them to improve daily.”
 Benjamin Chavis - “We learned a lot of young people were ruining their credit by age 20.”
 Benjamin Chavis - “There was absolutely no justification to have Foxy Brown handcuffed inside the court today.”
 Steve Chavis - “The mythology was, by going great guns the way it was going, we'd reach every man in the country and we'd finish the job. The fact is, encouraging men spiritually was a much bigger systemic cultural nut to crack. Now that we're smaller, what kind of impact can we make I think we're going after a deeper conference experience so the Friday night, all-day Saturday experience is hopefully more profound and had more impact.”
 Bill Chavis - “The district this year is going to be more balanced than I've ever seen it in 21 years, and tougher overall. There's going to be some competition.”
 Benjamin Chavis - “Everybody take out your book on financial empowerment. That's why we're here.”
 Bill Chavis - “When he gets to college, I think he'll concentrate on academics. But he will still run. He has it in his blood.”