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 Richard Kovalcheck - “You try to get better every day (in practice), but sometimes you don't know exactly what is going to happen. Sometimes you have to test things in games. In games you have a better feel for what you can do and what you can't do.”
 Barry Scheck - “I think we now have scientific proof that an innocent person was executed and we have a government agency that is obligated to say so.”
 Barry Scheck - “There's two cases here. Willis can't be actually innocent and Willingham couldn't be executed based on the same scientific evidence.”
 Barry Scheck - “In an interview on CNN's Late Edition, ... can examine it under a microscope and see sperm. And the key issue is whether there is sperm there.”
 Barry Scheck - “The whole system has broken down. It's time to find out whether Texas has executed an innocent man.”
 Richard Kovalcheck - “We don't have room to not be focused. We've got to come out every week and take it one game at a time.”
 Richard Kovalcheck - “We have to be more urgent and quicker getting the play in and out of the huddle. There were some times in the game I looked at the clock, and it was so low, and I was surprised. You have to get used to the clock winding down that quick.”
 Barry Scheck - “Somebody's got to be right or wrong about this.”
 Barry Scheck - “There's something wrong with the system. It's time to find out whether Texas executed an innocent man.”
 Barry Scheck - “I don't know what went wrong. Because I look at this evidence and this is an inconceivable verdict to me.”
 Sallie Krawcheck - “Anybody who tells you that a flat yield curve is fine or that rising interest rates are good for the banking industry isn't in the same banking industry. Clearly these things are not helpful, but there are ways to manage through it.”
 Dawn Check - “I have never had a complaint. If anything, people complain that there is not enough of this.”
 Steve Usecheck - “We missed that, and I'm sorry we did. The TV, everybody saw it but us. I wish we had the opportunity to talk to (Vick) because that was complete (expletive). ... You bet I would have thrown his ass out.”
 Barry Scheck - “Miss Woodward has always taken the course that would vindicate her and prove her innocent.”
 Chris Bootcheck - “I try not to think about it. Obviously, everyone wants to make this team and obviously, that can't happen. They have a lot of talent here. At the end of the spring, they will have to make some decisions.”
 Chris Bootcheck - “Obviously, everyone wants to make this team and obviously that can't happen.”
 Barry Scheck - “DNA has shown, whether it's the death penalty or not, there are flaws with eyewitness testimony, false confessions and crime labs. We know many more people have been wrongfully convicted than anyone thought.”
 Barry Scheck - “In so many instances, doing this DNA testing not only exonerates an innocent person but also helps identify the person who really committed the crime before that person goes out and commits more.”
 Barry Scheck - “This is a case where the wrong man went to prison and the real person committed some awful crimes, all because of the utter incompetence of the HPD crime lab. This is the face of the crime-lab debacle. This is the human damage.”
 Barry Scheck - “Crime labs should be an independent force within the criminal-justice system, not beholden to the prosecutor or the defense.”
 Barry Scheck - “Crime labs should be an independent force within the criminal-justice system, not beholden to the prosecutor or the defense,”
 Barry Scheck - “This should be a landmark case in the history of eyewitness reform. There are reforms police and prosecutors are using across the country that reduce error, protect the innocent and help apprehend the guilty.”
 Steve Usecheck - “I was really disappointed. We don't see football like that (in the Big 12). Those kids were just completely out of control. ... Louisville wasn't as bad. Virginia Tech was brutal.”
 Sallie Krawcheck - “Downgrades like that one take particular courage, not just because it upsets company management -- which we are always okay with doing -- but because it's telling clients things they don't necessarily want to hear.”
 Dawn Check - “I think the program is really supported by parents. It's worthwhile to the community. It's part of their education, part of preparing them to go out in the world.”

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