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 Joey Cheek - “I always felt like if I did something big, I wanted to give something back. The best way is by helping someone else.”
 Joey Cheek - “I knew if I ever did something like this, I wanted to be able to give something back. The best way I can say thanks is to donate my money to help somebody else.”
 Joey Cheek - “What I do is great fun. But it's honestly a pretty ridiculous thing. I mean I skate around on ice in tights, right ... I always felt like if I ever did something big like this I wanted to be prepared to give something back ... The best way to thank someone is by helping someone else.”
 Joey Cheek - “I'm going to be donating the total sum that the USOC is giving me for winning a gold medal, which I believe is about 25,000.”
 Joey Cheek - “I'm much more proud of that work than winning a gold medal in the Olympics.”
 Joey Cheek - “I don't know why more people don't do it. I feel so great right now, and so happy. I think, when I look back, I'm going to be prouder of this than I am of winning a gold medal.”
 Rose Cheek - “Vilonia is good. They have a big middle and they have several returning players from last year. They're probably going to be a lot like Alma they'll make us work for everything we get.”
 Joey Cheek - “I think, first, it's important not to bite the hand that feeds you.”
 Joey Cheek - “In a lot of ways, the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked. There's not the same amount of talent that there was in the '90s.”
 Joey Cheek - “I have been kind of plotting this in my head. I wanted to be prepared if the stars aligned. They have got a great program and they have done a lot of good.”
 Joey Cheek - “If it draws more people into the sport and gets them interested, it's a good thing for us. I just hope we can capitalize on this, to get more young people in.”
 Joey Cheek - “I'm kind of stunned that I skated that fast. Obviously, I wanted to get some medals here, but I had no idea it would come together like it did.”
 Joey Cheek - “This is an individual sport.”
 Joey Cheek - “I'm proud of where I came from. There are so many people from North Carolina who have wished me well. It means a lot that so many people who have had so much influence on my life are watching now.”
 Joey Cheek - “He would have been a great part of the team. If you look at the times those guys skated, he would have probably been a deciding factor there. (But) I don't fault him for it.”
 Frank Cheek - “Lizzy just kept them off today.”
 Frank Cheek - “The first time they gave it to us out of respect and tradition, what we had accomplished last year and what we had coming back, not realizing we had four freshmen starters. Now, the second time around, we earned it out of respect.”
 Joey Cheek - “For me to walk away with a gold medal is just amazing, and the best way I can say thanks is to try to help somebody else.”
 Joey Cheek - “I thought maybe I could walk a little in his rather large shoes.”
 Joey Cheek - “The things he has done for other people have been an inspiration for me. It's my hope that I can assist some people and walk in his large shoes.”
 Joey Cheek - “If it gets eyeballs watching the sport, if there are people who watch our sport and can take something positive from it to learn about the sport, then it's good for all of us that we get more coverage.”
 Joey Cheek - “I knew that I might actually have a shot at doing something great at the Olympics. I knew that I could either take the time to gush about how wonderful I feel or use it to be a little productive.”
 Joey Cheek - “I feel like I'm not really worthy. It's a wonderful honor, and I'm thrilled that it happened. I really never imagined it would.”
 Joey Cheek - “I feel blessed by the honor. I've worked hard for a lot of years, but everyone works hard for a lot of years. Every single person that walks around the village has put in time, effort, sweat and tears, and their family has sacrificed for them. You always dream it would come together and it has. I don't even know if it has hit me yet, but it's a great experience, something I'll remember forever.”
 Rose Cheek - “We really saw some things we need to work on. Our serve-receive was terrible tonight. We just managed to get away with it. Any other night we play like this we're probably going to get beat.”

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