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 Maurice Cheeks - “It's us trying to stay together, which we will, and to keep working to figuring out how to win games. There are a lot of things we've got to work on.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “You won't win games by going 0-for-19, but you will never, ever win a game going 0-for-19 and 24 turnovers. It's amazing we were that close in the game.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “We're in that phase. It's been 50 games. We should have some consistency by now. But we're not there. We just haven't put it together. That's why we have the record we have.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “She can't take the intensity of the games. She never could. She can turn it off if she watches it on TV.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “It's something that we've talked about this season in terms of (Iverson) being a team leader. The past three games he's been phenomenal from taking over the game to his overall leadership.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “Not at all. We just need to play the way we have been playing the last couple of games.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “I knew it would be a lot like the last three games we had, and we'd have to win it down the stretch. We had a lot of guys step up when AI went down.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “They're just fighting to get a second seed. We're trying to get a seed so it means a lot more to us to go out there and play the way we've been playing the last few games.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “We all think that Andre is this veteran player, because he has played so many games in his first two seasons. We take for granted that he should be at another level, but he has to grow a little more.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “We have to get other guys involved. We're not just trying to win games with Allen and Chris doing all the scoring.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “He's familiar with the surroundings, so it's not like he's coming to a new place. You have to endure it, take it in, feel it a little bit and then come back and give us your best.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “I just can't give him a spot right now.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “If you give teams like (Detroit) so many second chances, it is going to come back and haunt you. And that's what it did.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “You have to transform yourself, ... As a player, when theres something you dont want to do, or you dont want to do these interviews, you have other guys that they like talking to more anyway, cause you like those jovial guys. You can pass that off. As a head coach, you dont have anyone you can pass it off to.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “You could hear Allen on the bench keep saying, 'We're still there, We're still there. I think he gave a lot of guys a lot of hope.”
 Mo Cheeks - “The way we're going to play without Allen Iverson is the way we played tonight. When you have Allen, you can put the ball in his hands a little bit more. When we do not have him, you have to spread it around and hope you get three or four guys who can score.”
 Mo Cheeks - “If Allen is hurt to the point where he can't play, you know he's really, really hurt.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “Players have a lot of knowledge. It would be silly of me to say if they suggest something that I wouldn't look at it.”
 Mo Cheeks - “Down the stretch, when we needed those two guys to score the points, that's what they did. We got into the penalty and Allen continued to drive the ball, and Chris had wide-open jump shots because Allen continued to drive the ball, and that's what those guys have to do late in the fourth quarter.”
 Maurice Cheeks - “It's unacceptable that they got here a little late.”
 Mo Cheeks - “I thought all of the guys had a lot of energy.”
 Mo Cheeks - “Our defense was not great, but I thought our rotations were good, and they continued to pass the ball. We have to guard for 24 seconds and that can beat you down, wear you down a little bit.”
 Mo Cheeks - “I thought we did a pretty good job of not getting caught up in the way Phoenix plays.”
 Mo Cheeks - “I thought that we did a pretty good job in not getting caught up in the way Phoenix played. We don't have the offensive players that they have. Any team can get caught in the way they push the ball.”
 Mo Cheeks - “I knew I shouldn't have said that. We've got guys who are leaders, and you've got to utilize those guys no, I have no thought that they're not together at all.”

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