My Favorite Quotes
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 Stephen Cheetham - “We see a very strong cash generation, a very strong top line, and are starting to see a stronger bottom line now as well.”
 Stephen Cheetham - “It doesn't solve Fiat's main problem of having too many costs in Italy,”
 Stephen Cheetham - “Overall, the figures look OK, but if you dig down deeper you see that European sales performance has been very weak, and that all the growth is coming from emerging markets.”
 Stephen Cheetham - “It's a logical tidying up of their portfolio. With 2 billion euros worth of restructuring costs for Mercedes and Smart this year, it makes perfect sense.”
 Stephen Cheetham - “The Smart plant in France is more a liability than an asset. It's clearly the wrong place to be making that car.”
 Stephen Cheetham - “I had heard that he was writing stories under different names. Something about how he claimed to be a Vietnam veteran at one point, claimed to be a Native American Indian at another point. His parents were a very middle-class, working, typical American family. He was never involved in Vietnam, he was never a Native American Indian, his parents weren't Native Americans - there wasn't anything like that in his past.”
 Stephen Cheetham - “Smaller SUV's are a very strong growth segment. There's no doubt in my mind that this is a good product.”
 Stephen Cheetham - “This is all the trend that says, actually folks, with a western Europe cost base you can't make money in this segment, so it is entirely logical.”
 Stephen Cheetham - “This strikes us as a lot of cash up front for a highly uncertain benefit even were such a deal to happen, it would be unlikely to threaten existing joint ventures,”
 Stephen Cheetham - “The figures look fine, they're slightly ahead of our expectations.”