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 Erwin Chemerinsky - “He would be a justice who's going to allow much more religious presence in government and much more government involvement in religion.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “I really think that he (Rehnquist) is somebody who will be regarded in hindsight as having had a tremendous influence on the course of constitutional law.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “I really think that he's somebody who will be regarded in hindsight as having had a tremendous influence on the course of constitutional law.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “You don't know who the new justice will be - or whether that justice will be there - and you have more uncertainly about John Roberts than you had with William Rehnquist.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “This is a law that will never go into effect. They knew that. They did it because they thought there would be some political value in doing so.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “This is a docket that already has an extraordinary number of potential blockbuster cases. It will give us an early sense of who John Roberts is.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “I think the greatest weakness for the lawsuit is its novelty. This is a use of nuisance laws and consumer protection laws that has no precedent. And whenever it's a new theory, the outcome is difficult to guess or predict.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “Not only will it mean this inmate will very likely be executed, but it also would make it much harder for other inmates to challenge executions based on the method of execution.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “But the time factor would make that kind of ruling a victory for Texas Gov. George W. Bush,”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “It's a year when it is going to be particularly difficult to make predictions.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “On one hand it's a way to raise reasonable doubt, arguing other people had motive to kill her. On the other hand, there is a dead woman and the real danger is that the jury may sympathize with the victim and turn around on the defendant and defense counsel.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “The Board of Inquiry report fails to recognize that the central problem in the Los Angeles Police Department is the culture. The reality is there will not be meaningful reform in the Los Angeles Police Department until the culture is changed.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “Nothing the Supreme Court did last year was as important as the announcement that Sandra Day O'Conner was stepping down.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “He's had this tremendous impact in changing the Supreme Court. In almost every area of constitutional law, he's left a mark, and the court's functioning very differently than it used to, and I think he's responsible for that.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “I think it would be very hard for Congress to create standing where it would be the party”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “I am obviously disappointed. There is no sensitivity in this opinion to the important concern the law schools have.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “The Constitution says that it is the electoral college that determines who is the president. It leaves no doubt.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “She's going to have to establish her competence. The senators have sent a clear message Show us. Demonstrate to us who you are and why you are qualified.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “I think the most difficult task for Simpson is to come up with a clear, consistent, believable story for where he was between 945 and eleven on the night of the murders.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “The bottom line is the same principle will apply in the civil and criminal cases.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “The purpose of the ads is to educate people about the critical importance of separation of church and state.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “It's not a binding precedent outside California, but it certainly will be looked to when other cities make this choice. And I think other courts will come to the same conclusion because of this long tradition of judicial deference to the political process when it comes to economic regulations.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “The president and his aides can consult whomever they wish. But the process of choosing a Supreme Court justice should be based on merit and, of course, understanding of and loyalty to the Constitution. The blessing of the religious right should not determine a person's suitability to serve on the Supreme Court.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “A trial is like a jig-saw puzzle and closing argument is when the lawyers put the pieces together.”
 Erwin Chemerinsky - “There's enormous drama and anticipation. Is he going to announce his resignation Are we going to spend this summer in a confirmation fight”

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