My Favorite Quotes
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 Bruce Chen - “This is one of the best games I've ever felt and pitched. I just felt like I was on.”
 Will Kitchen - “It gets mentioned all throughout the year. Everybody wants to know when those BBC games are. All day at school everybody's telling me, 'I want 30 points or 50 points.' Everybody is looking forward to it.”
 James Buchen - “When you're in a boom period, people are making money. When you're in a recession, you can generalize people aren't.”
 Mike Kitchen - “You can't help but follow his work ethic. He'll give you everything he has.”
 Mike Kitchen - “He had such a good reads. He would give a person ice and then just take it away. All the passes he used to intercept, he would give that pass and then he'd take it away. That's a real knack in itself.”
 Mike Kitchen - “Our power play struggled. It didn't give us any momentum at all.”
 Jonathan Chen - “Being a friend to your child is the best gift you give to your child.”
 Mike Kitchen - “The offense was there. Four goals is enough to win. We just made a few errors we shouldn't have made.”
 Mike Kitchen - “We scored enough goals, we should win the game. We made a couple of errors there that ended up in the back of our net.”
 Mike Kitchen - “It changes the whole look of your team when he's out there in practice. He's still scoring goals with a bad hand, so it would be nice to welcome him back into the lineup.”
 Mike Kitchen - “He's probably looking at ... in a full year ... probably getting 20-25 goals.”
 Mike Kitchen - “He played very well in the tournament and was a big part of the tournament. That doesn't happen very often when you get to win a gold medal in the Olympics.”
 Fred Ketchen - “The price of gold has taken a jump. We'll see a bump in gold stocks on that.”
 Joey Eischen - “That's who we are. If our starters ever had a problem, they all know we're all ready. We'll all take the ball. Whether we feel good or not. . . . We want to pitch, we want to pick each other up. It's kind of like a little platoon down there.”
 Bruce Chen - “I did want to go out there for the ninth inning. I had good stuff and I felt like I could have done it, but I'm just glad I helped this team win. We really needed a win.”
 Bruce Chen - “I know he's a little frustrated, but I can't imagine starting the season without Miguel Tejada. He's going to be very hard to replace. He's a team leader, a good player. I'm pretty sure he's going to be back. Once spring training starts, I'm sure he'll be OK.”
 Bruce Chen - “We won, so obviously I feel very good.”
 Eric Chen - “I think the cycle going forward is going to be more muted, or modest. I think 2005 was a good reflection of that.”
 Mike Kitchen - “I don't have any explanation for it at all. You think you'd build off a good game and a win, but ... I don't know why that happens. We're not strong in that area, where we can just keep building and moving forward.”
 Gisele Bundchen - “I think 25 is a great year I think every year is a great year, ... I feel like life is so special and so great, every year I feel like I learn more, and I grow, and I think it's exciting to grow up. Twenty-five is so far, so good.”
 Jonathan Chen - “A good public official always understands that he is to server the entire population, even though he's elected by only a little more than half of those who voted.”
 Edward Steichen - “A good daguerreotype was as perfect a kind of photograph as was ever made”
 Zhiwu Chen - “Having Chinese leaders come to Yale is a good way (to create) more understanding between the two societies.”
 Ho Chen - “The outlook for 2006 is quite robust as we are looking for the growth momentum to be maintained. The main reason for the higher fourth-quarter numbers was the manufacturing sector.”
 Renee Chen - “Growth in Taiwan's export orders may slow a bit in the first half, as the demand for electronics has fallen from its peak of the rebound cycle.”

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