My Favorite Quotes
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 Steven Chercover - “The wood industry would certainly welcome boosted demand, especially since the pricing for wood hasn't been that strong despite a good housing market.”
 Steven Chercover - “We would really need for the DOD to quantify the demand to assess whether prices for wood could rise in the market as a result. I don't think the consumer has something to worry about right now.”
 Steven Chercover - “Given our view that Longview could put up a fight, and our assessment of valuation as an operating entity (and our net asset value estimate), we would act on the opportunity to sell near the 26 bid.”
 Steve Chercover - “The mill is losing money. Is someone going to buy the mill to lose money They are going to pay money and expect to make a return.”
 Steve Chercover - “They've got the takeover defenses to make this a very long process or very impossible. But the kind of offer Obsidian made --- a high dollar amount -- you can see that they're not in this for a three-year battle.”
 Steve Chercover - “It's time for all the kids to get in the sandbox and play nice and get along. I think you'll hear more in the next few weeks.”
 Steven Chercover - “I hope it's not a distraction to them,”
 Steven Chercover - “The problem is, the paper business is not doing well at all for anyone. The whole world has changed, and the business has moved offshore. South Americans can grow trees faster, and paper use in North America is going down.”