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 Giri Cherukuri - “Fears of higher oil prices and higher rates remain among investors and that's been putting a cap on stocks' gains.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “I wouldn't read too much into today's downdraft, but how holiday sales come out is going to be key, and that would drive the market.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “I'm a little surprised the oil prices haven't hurt the market more.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “Companies are meeting expectations, but they are not beating expectations by a great amount, and I think that's part of the indecision today.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “It was a little bit weak, but a little weak means the Fed won't be so aggressive in raising interest rates, which should help the market.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “People were thinking about this all weekend, about the prices going up, and maybe some people are a bit more forward thinking.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “Short-term interest rates are rising and people are worried how long the economy is going to continue to do well. That's not helping the market.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “The Pfizer news is weighing down the market,”
 Giri Cherukuri - “It's been pretty quiet, there's light volume, and there's lack of news, so that causes a little bit of volatility.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “Oil prices falling just sparked the market. And then the good GDP number this morning didn't hurt either.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “Oil prices falling just sparked the market, ... And then the good GDP number this morning didn't hurt either.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “Apple's results are going to put a damper on stocks this morning. Investors are worried that it may set the tone for other reports at the start of the earnings season.”
 Giri Cherukuri - “Time Warner came this morning with very positive news, enough to boost demand among media shares,”
 Giri Cherukuri - “The market overall needs to get a clearer picture about how third-quarter earnings are going to do, and the outlook and how economic growth has been,”