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 Irene Cheung - “Asian economies are in better shape, so it's more than possible that Asian central banks will allow further gains.”
 Francis Cheung - “This is a real landmark in the history of China's telecom industry,”
 Francis Cheung - “I'm cautiously optimistic that it will work out well for the industry.”
 Irene Cheung - “From March, the year-on-year inflation rate will probably come off quite substantially.”
 Irene Cheung - “I see more interest rate hikes and this will dampen domestic consumption. Also, the coming 50 percent increase in fuel prices will have a major impact on inflation.”
 Irene Cheung - “The Japanese yen will become less of a driver for Asian foreign exchange and the influence of the yuan will grow.”
 Alex Cheung - “Every source of information comes from a different vested interest. Usually there's a bias built into that information.”
 Francis Cheung - “This is not a good time for doing (an) IPO. The market condition is very bad.”
 Angelica Cheung - “For the second kind of readers, Vogue offers fashion concepts, and helps to cultivate their taste and vision of fashion.”
 Alex Cheung - “Investors should set their time horizons on three to five years, rather than three to five minutes.”
 Terry Cheung - “We are not so worried by overall developments in Iraq. After yesterday we didn't feel any immediate effect in the financial market.”
 Wendy Cheung - “There are a lot of events happening this month and we hope lots of people will come to them.”
 Alex Cheung - “We picked up some shares that other people dumped, and I like it that way.”
 Francis Cheung - “There is small growth opportunity in those provinces,”
 Terry Cheung - “Today the mid-cap stocks really replaced some of the activities of normal trading.”
 Alex Cheung - “It's not too unexpected to see some profit-taking. At the same time, a correction like this is pretty normal, especially for technology stocks.”
 Terry Cheung - “It was really crazy. Not out of control, but really crazy.”
 Francis Cheung - “The government was not happy with the level of competition existing in the fixed line market and some rationalization had to be done.”
 Irene Cheung - “China is now a more important trading partner than Japan.”
 Angelica Cheung - “Just a few years ago, China definitely wasn't ready and didn't have consumers at the level of Vogue. Two years from now, though, would have definitely been too late. That's the way China is, moving incredibly fast.”
 Angelica Cheung - “You inspire the girl to believe if I take care of myself, if I buy the right things, and I educate myself, tomorrow will be better.”
 Irene Cheung - “For North Asia, Korea is the prime candidate to see consumption-led demand in 2006, given the turnaround of domestic spending.”
 Wendy Cheung - “We believe and feel that students on our campus have done really good, important and useful work, and we wanted to use the resources in our student body. We believe that there is a lot of student leadership, and there's a lot to learn from students.”
 Irene Cheung - “The economy is improving and there is a case building for the central bank to hike rates. We will look to short the bonds on price rallies.”
 Terry Cheung - “The market is still expecting some placement by red chip counters. But when you look at the low activity it probably means institutional investors are taking a wait and see, watching attitude.”

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