My Favorite Quotes
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 Ping Chew - “The government has to decide what their role is. Are they going to be shareholders of the banks or are they going to be regulators It is quite difficult to be both.”
 Ping Chew - “The question is not whether the government can consolidate. The question is shouldn't the government consolidate faster”
 Ping Chew - “The 'A-' rating on the proposed notes reflects the direct, irrevocable, and unconditional guarantee by the government of Malaysia.”
 Gene Chew - “Hopefully, this week we get our first win in school history. But we know Coral Park is thinking the same on their end.”
 Ping Chew - “It's probably one of the necessary conditions. If you don't have inflation falling, it's unlikely that authorities could lower the interest rate.”
 Ping Chew - “Generally, (Indonesia) is still gradually improving. When we had the positive outlook, we thought it was improving faster.”
 Ping Chew - “Further liberalization of the economy and infrastructure improvements will help India's trend growth. Such reforms coupled with continued fiscal consolidation will help India achieve investment grade over time.”
 Gene Chew - “If you guys feel nervous, make sure it's the good kind.”
 Ping Chew - “There are some political uncertainties and this is unfortunate. If this remains unresolved, it could impact policy and reform efforts. It could induce negative sentiment.”
 Ping Chew - “The ratings reflect Taiwan's strong external position and robust economy in a challenging policy environment in which fiscal flexibility has weakened.”
 Ping Chew - “Most banking systems in the Asia-Pacific region have improved their credit profiles, thanks to stable economic conditions and continuing structural improvements. This is in spite of rising oil prices and interest rates threatening the broader economic recovery.”
 Ping Chew - “This report brings together our latest thinking on the key developments and credit outlooks of the major financial services sectors in Taiwan. This report also addresses the rating implications of the emergence of financial holding company (FHC) groups since late 2001.”
 Ping Chew - “There is always this worry that such a spending plan will widen the budget deficit. If India misses the deficit target again, it could dilute its commitment to fiscal consolidation. Giving dole doesn't resolve poverty.”
 Ping Chew - “If you look at what most other money going into China is earning, it is not that inefficient. If you don't invest in U.S. bonds, what do you invest in”
 Ping Chew - “Regional growth prospects are projected to support credit quality, with trend growth rates likely to be maintained and some upside potential in China, India, Pakistan, and Vietnam. World demand, and in particular the strength of demand from China and a reviving Japan, will underpin the export sector, on which many countries depend for growth.”
 Ping Chew - “The ratings on Taiwan could be lowered if further fiscal slippages cause the debt burden to rise markedly.”
 Ping Chew - “A rating upgrade can be considered only if the debt burden keeps reducing, not just through revenue growth, but also through expenditure improvement.”
 Ping Chew - “This will definitely add to pressure, especially from lawmakers in the U.S. for further appreciation of the yuan.”
 Ping Chew - “The fiscal position has to improve not just from the revenue front but also the expenditure side. At present, India's expenditure remains rigid, with spending on interest, salaries and pension limiting ability to spend on other critical areas.”
 Ping Chew - “India has the poorest financial position but it has the ability to consolidate and be investment grade.”