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 Justin Childers - “Her hair is super-glued to her head.”
 Bud Childers - “Our kids have displayed heart and character all season long, and it didn't surprise me one bit that we came back.”
 Bud Childers - “I think it's going to be a heck of a game. At least, I hope it is.”
 Bud Childers - “We don't know what kind of team High Point's going to come in here with Friday. I thought they were a good team when we played 'em. We played them the game that kind of started our mid-season skid. We played awful and lost by six at their place.”
 Bud Childers - “I thought we had a chance. You hold a team to 36 percent shooting, you rebound with them, you get more free throws ... the difference in the game might be the stretch where we turned the ball over.”
 Harvey Childers - “Obviously a zone with quick guys like they have, they're not just gonna let you throw it into the post every time you want to. I guess the task is to figure out each possession what is the best thing to do.”
 Jason Childers - “I kept tossing and turning. Every time I woke up it was 12, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6.”
 Bud Childers - “She's going to have a place to play in Europe, many, many times over, if she wants to once she finishes her degree here.”
 Bud Childers - “We finally clicked a little bit in the second half today. Defensively we played the three-point line well in the second and we finally made some baskets. It seemed as if the lid was on the basket in the past few games, but tonight we were able to get them to fall.”
 Bud Childers - “We expected a tough challenge today. The difference in the game at Radford was that we out-rebounded them by 14 and we hit eight out of 14 three's. So we figured that with the fact they had a week to practice basically getting ready they were going to do a good job challenging us at the 3-point line and be a little tougher on the boards. That was obviously the difference in the game.”
 Bud Childers - “We're thrilled to get some recognition. Last year, my first year here, I felt like we were observers to the Big South Conference. This year we are participants and we've got some things to build on in the future. Maybe start a little tradition here.”
 Doyle Childers - “We all have a responsibility to be good stewards of our natural resources. Conserving our soil and water resources is vital to keeping fields productive and improving water quality throughout Missouri.”
 Jason Childers - “I mean it was right down the middle, a fastball. I'm sure he was waiting on it and he got his pitch and he did his job.”
 Jason Childers - “I felt great. It was just one bad pitch. I missed, it was right down the middle. He got his pitch, and he did his job.”
 Roberta Childers - “I was glad of that because I could see she was going to make a good mother the way she hugged it and fussed.”
 Bud Childers - “I anticipate a hard game. We know what Radford does. Radford knows what we do. The team that rebounds is going to be the team that puts itself in a great position to win. And in tournament play, you've got to have players step up and make shots. If you don't have players make shots, it's hard to win in tournament play.”
 Bud Childers - “That stretch was critical, because I thought we had played great but just couldn't make a shot. When you have Tiffany Rodd and Ashley Fann open for threes as many times as they were, you're just waiting for the scoreboard to light up like a pinball machine. But the shots weren't falling.”
 Jason Childers - “It's what I wanted to do my whole life. The odds are against every kid who wants to make it to the major leagues.”
 Bud Childers - “It's exciting. Hopefully, our fans will respond to it and come out in record numbers. I'd love to see 1,000 fans here for the game. It's very doable. I'll be disappointed if the Eagle fans don't turn out in record numbers.”
 Bud Childers - “We're disappointed in the loss. But we're encouraged by how hard we battled and look forward to the when the Flames come to the coliseum.”
 Bud Childers - “My hat's off to Liberty for defending its home court. They came out in the first half and were ready to play. It's hard to unseat the King. We had to play a little better than we did tonight in order to do so.”
 Bud Childers - “When you go on the road and you're trying to steal the crown away from the champion, you can't bring your C-plus game and today we were a bit off our game. You have to credit Liberty with being physical and doing a good job at protecting its home court. We had an opportunity to get the game in our favor over the final six minutes of the first half and opening six of the second, but we couldn't take advantage.”
 Bud Childers - “But Austin Peay came out and put it to us. ... If they played like that the whole game they could play with anybody in the country.”
 Justin Childers - “It would be cool if it were a better color.”
 Bud Childers - “We'll just keep pushing on because we don't have any other choice.”

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