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 Brad Childress - “We've always spread it around. All the guys give you a little something different. And I think fresh legs are important.”
 Brad Childress - “I called about the last five or six games of the season. It goes back and forth. If you are stuck in a rut and somebody is seeing something you don't see, usually there is a give-and-take of information.”
 Jack Childress - “Not only is she an overachiever, but she's also a real good athlete. I mean, probably as far as raw athleticism, she's just as good an athlete as we have had, as far as an athlete for being 5-(foot)-2.”
 Rob Childress - “It was good to see tonight that we scored some runs late and did put (them) away and were able to relax a little there in the ninth inning.”
 Josh Childress - “That's my biggest goal now, two in a row. Last year I said if we won two in a row I was cutting my hair. I'm not saying that now.”
 Richard Childress - “I don't want to cause any more harm to us.”
 Richard Childress - “We're making these moves to get a head start on 2006.”
 Brad Childress - “He's three months out of a major surgery. Before we do anything, we're going to get him back to health. All my talk with the trainers is about getting him back to the level of play he was at in 2004.”
 Brad Childress - “I know where his heart is in no uncertain terms. He's looked me in the eye and told me that.”
 Brad Childress - “They've got that backed-against-the-wall mentality. You can get about anything from them. You could get a bring-the-house-type of operation, or anything.”
 Brad Childress - “It doesn't hurt. But it causes a splitting headache for the coaches.”
 Brad Childress - “I will tell you that he always brings a standard to the practice field and the game field. He has always been extremely professional in those areas and obviously extremely productive. That is all you can ask for the guy to do. On the little bit he has played in the preseason, he is ready to go. He's been in big games before and he is going to his hometown, but I think you have a pretty good idea of what he will do.”
 Brad Childress - “All I know is that I thought Culpepper was a close second to McNabb when we drafted Donovan No. 2 overall (in 1999). I believe that Culpepper is a franchise quarterback.”
 Brad Childress - “It's hard for him most of the time by the time he gets in there we've got - I don't want to say a patchwork offense, but he's usually out there with a bunch of different guys who haven't played together, younger guys,”
 Brad Childress - “You don't ever say never at this time of year.”
 Brad Childress - “That's why we drafted him. Time will tell what he does. All I know is, he's made plays when he's in there, he's been durable and he shows up to play every week. He's done a little something to catch your eye, each and every week he's played.”
 Richard Childress - “It is not a money issue, we both want to get it done. It should happen. It's just a matter of time.”
 Richard Childress - “I feel better about where we are than I have in a long time. Winning the pole is big it's great to see our car back up there.”
 Brad Childress - “He's got gas left in the tank. He's a little bit banged up, as a lot of offensive linemen are at this time of the season. But you know he's going to be out there on Sunday. He's done a good job out there.”
 Brad Childress - “Billy has gotten incrementally better. He's done a good job in practice. He's gotten a couple of good opportunities around the ball. He was in the right place and the quarterback decided to get it to him. So, when you produce for your quarterback, a lot of times, you get that extra look.”
 Jack Childress - “She was so quick at getting to the ball. Really, the young lady has got a tremendous vertical. This year she hit outside for us a lot of times. We didn't take her out when she went to the front row because she held her own blocking and everything. She had several blocks.”
 Richard Childress - “We want to come here to win the Daytona 500, but today winning the pole was a big plus. I'm proud of Jeff for getting on the pole today and it's really great to see RCR back up front. We've won a lot of poles here and have been up front a lot.”
 Richard Childress - “I never will forget standing on top of the truck when Junior won that Texas Busch. (Earnhardt) had on his cowboy boots and jumped from the top to the bottom. He was so excited to see (Earnhardt Jr.) win. He was really, really proud of him. He'd be proud of him today.”
 Josh Childress - “You could tell they weren't playing with any energy tonight. It almost looked like they didn't want to play today.”
 Richard Childress - “The cars have changed so much from the days of Janet Guthrie - they drive so much differently that I think a lady with the talent and with the drive could come in here today and not only participate but be competitive.”

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