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 Peter Childs - “It's hard to see any team winning three straight road games in three straight weeks with the amount of pressure and what's at stake. It's never happened before, but with Shaun Alexander maybe at less than 100 per cent for Seattle and Pittsburgh playing so well, you never know.”
 Greg Childs - “And even a race like the Salinger before hand during the spring would be the perfect type (of) race for her.”
 Jason Childs - “We took it to the hospital (the next day) hoping to see her and hand it back to her. . . . and she'd died.”
 Greg Childs - “The current form of the horse was good enough for me to take the ride,”
 Greg Childs - “John Hammond is a renowned international trainer and he now just has to get the mare here safe and sound.”
 Susan Childs - “All the time people should be looking to improve safety.”
 Stephanie Childs - “Companies knew the trans fat labeling rule was coming. We've had quite a bit of time to be in compliance.”
 Stephanie Childs - “If you're a parent and you have an allergic child, you may know all the names of all milk-derived ingredients, but a child may not. So the plain English wording provides simple wording so they can understand it.”
 Carolyn Childs - “Understand that we're trying to come out of this with a healthy program for all students.”
 Jason Childs - “I didn't want to walk in there too far, too scared another bomb would go off, and everyone started screaming 'there's another bomb' and everyone started running.”
 Pat Childs - “A clean gun, one that functions properly, is worth more than a rusty one.”
 Peter Childs - “The new element of exiling players to a deserted island where they have an opportunity to work independently to win immunity may present many surprises about who can outlast the rest. We based our odds on the personalities of the past winners and our assessment of the new contestants - but with new game design, the profile of the winner could change significantly, making this anyone's game.”
 Stephanie Childs - “We saw it as an opportunity for GMA to help promote USDA's nutritional message.”
 David Childs - “For me, James has become much more than an artist doing a piece. He's the kind of guy who when you hire him to do an artistic piece like that wall system, you do it together, but then he's hanging around the office, so you ask his opinion on everything.”
 Peter Childs - “The Blue Jays have been major players this winter, securing the pitching they desperately needed and the big bats they were looking for to compete in a tough division with the Yankees and Red Sox. Toronto is certainly much improved and bettors have taken notice, so too should the rest of the league.”
 Susan Childs - “We recognize ... the energy needs of this nation. So, hopefully, this will alleviate some of the pressure.”
 David Childs - “It's a simpler, cleaner and iconic piece. It's a much better representation of a great monument.”
 David Childs - “I'm here to relive the memory of the 1970 championship for just a few minutes and to grab a few t-shirts for everybody back home.”
 Stephanie Childs - “We want to make sure Americans have the best foods available and the safest food supply. This legislation would help build on that history, and hopefully improve it.”
 David Childs - “He really does believe that it's his destiny, so to speak, to do it and to do it right.”
 Stephanie Childs - “There's no controversy there. We're hoping to get it back on the docket as soon as possible.”
 Stephanie Childs - “I don't know of a company that didn't look at reformulation.”
 Kim Childs - “If the deal is blocked on terms that aren't consistent with a due diligence process, that sends a loud and clear message to our friends that maybe they should rethink investments in the U.S..”
 Kim Childs - “It takes a long time to develop relationships. One bad choice and all that trust goes away.”
 Stephanie Childs - “The traceability and labeling scheme puts a black mark on any biotech product.”

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