My Favorite Quotes
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 A.J. Chilson - “Judge a poem like you would judge a person, for it was the person who wrote the poem.”
 A.J. Chilson - “Touchdowns mean a lot to nonbelievers. But in life, God is six points.”
 Rick Chilson - “Most workers took a 20 percent cut on wages.”
 A.J. Chilson - “Be wise in the friends you trust, for you might get betrayed.”
 A.J. Chilson - “I have accomplished many things in life, but hardly any of that glorified God. But now that I've realized how wrong I was if I could help someone change their wicked ways maybe I could accomplish something for the better.”
 A.J. Chilson - “If life is short, then how come most books reflect the opposite approach”
 A.J. Chilson - “When a number fails to identify a football player try the name on the back of his uniform.”
 A.J. Chilson - “Good people make good friends, and good friends make good choices, and good choices make good character.”
 A.J. Chilson - “Handshakes, hugs, and kisses are fleeting. It is true love that will last a lifetime.”
 A.J. Chilson - “What I wanted was to write a better love poem than the last, and when that didn't happen it killed me.”
 A.J. Chilson - “Let me tell you what's funny about gay poets women will love them because they will relate to the subject matter of what the gay poet is presenting to the public. Take it from me, I've been there”
 A.J. Chilson - “I am not homophobic. I have no problem sitting next to a gay couple. They need to be loved as much as everyone else, and I am not ashamed to say that I love gay people.”
 A.J. Chilson - “Poetry is an expression to release your inner perspective on life, love, and nostalgia.”
 A.J. Chilson - “Mary, there may be bad people on Earth who do bad things. But when I hear about all that, I always think about the good things that good people do. And Judy Garland was a very nice woman who did very nice things in her life.”
 A.J. Chilson - “When egos clash often between you and the school principal, it is not too wise to develop a mad crush on his attractive daughter. For this will certainly amount to adding gasoline to a raging inferno.”
 A.J. Chilson - “For every cruel deed done to others only the innocent remain strong.”
 Rick Chilson - “Our work is only beginning. There will be a lot of conflicts. They have a contract with us, but there are some holes in it. It's bare bones, there has to be some areas to talk about and deal with.”
 Rick Chilson - “I don't like this contract. It's a terrible contract. They attacked our wages, our insurance and they went after our pension, but we held on to that hard.”
 Rick Chilson - “This was very bittersweet. I am glad. A no vote would have put us into a death spiral for the facility in Wellsville. While we don't have any guarantees, the company would not ask for this many concessions for nothing. I want to stay in the game for the future.”
 Rick Chilson - “As a (union negotiation) committee, we worked to salvage what we could. We're glad we're still open.”
 A.J. Chilson - “The church that I go to might just as well be my home. The people I go to church with are more like family. Where else can I get this show of love”
 A.J. Chilson - “Unity is the only way a church can ever thrive.”
 A.J. Chilson - “Brooklyn is the only place in baseball where money doesn't matter. Only the fans do.”
 A.J. Chilson - “I am not afraid to be controversial, because people with a voice are controversial. And I am one of those people who exercise a voice.”