My Favorite Quotes
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 Frederick Chiluba - “I want to warn those who rise by the sword they will fall by the sword, ... I appeal to you fellow Zambians to unite and be resolute. We can't go back to the Dark Ages.”
 Frederick Chiluba - “The greatest lesson we can learn from the past. . . is that freedom is at the core of every successful nation in the world.”
 Frederick Chiluba - “I wish to state very strongly that the above reasons and others cited by the Attorney General through their lawyers in the London High Court are not sufficient or valid reasons justifying the ousting of jurisdiction of the Zambian courts in this matter,”
 Frederick Chiluba - “We are still firmly in control, ... legal and democratically elected government.”
 Frederick Chiluba - “It is important to state that the Zambian Constitution guarantees that the High Court of Zambia has unlimited and original jurisdiction to hear and determine any civil or criminal proceedings under any law and such jurisdiction and powers as has may be conferred by the constitution or any other law.”
 Frederick Chiluba - “It is therefore the duty of the Zambian government to promote and strengthen its judiciary, ... In fact the government should decide which matters they will pursue. Other than being legally folly, the attempts to run parallel civil and criminal matters based on the same facts, material and circumstances, unfairly prejudices me.”
 Frederick Chiluba - “On Saturday, this week African heads of state, plus the belligerents in the Congo war, will meet in Lusaka to sign a very comprehensive agreement,”
 Frederick Chiluba - “Details of the agreement will be released tomorrow.”
 Frederick Chiluba - “The United Nations, and particularly Western governments, have a moral responsibility to help Africa, to help the Congo find peace,”
 Frederick Chiluba - “For now, it is not foreseen that there would be need for sanctions, but if that time or if that occasion arises, then that can be considered in the light of the action the Congolese government will take,”
 Frederick Chiluba - “The greatest lesson we can learn from the past... is that freedom is at the core of every successful nation in the world.”