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 Brian Ching - “The biggest pressure I feel and the players feel is in the locker room. Our expectations are high. Do we expect to score five goals every weekend No. But we do expect to win.”
 Brian Ching - “I think the way I've been playing right now I've been scoring goals in the league and playing well got me a spot on the team. Also, I think he (Arena) sees me as a (Brian) McBride-type player, a big guy up front, a target man.”
 Tao Ching - “When spring comes the grass grows by itself.”
 Michael Ching - “Our view remains unchanged from our recent update on capital expenditures. We believe that in 2001 cap-ex will be up approximately 10 percent. We continue to forecast 17-18 percent industry growth in 2001. We expect the stocks to remain under pressure over the next few weeks as investors digest capital spending plans from carriers.”
 I Ching - “Creativity comes from awakening and directing men's higher natures, which originate in the primal depths of the uni- verse and are appointed by Heaven.”
 Brian Ching - “It was frustrating because I thought I had some momentum,”
 Brian Ching - “I'll have enough time to get over it and be ready to face Jamaica.”
 I Ching - “One should act in consonance with the way of heaven and earth, which is enduring and eternal. The superior man perseveres long in his course, adapts to the times, but remains firm in his direction and correct in his goals.”
 Brian Ching - “I think we had our chances and we were definitely dangerous toward the end of the game when we were pushing forward. We let our guard down a couple of times and they punished us for it. It's frustrating and personally I don't think I played very well.”
 Michael Ching - “I wasn't even informed that it was up today.”
 Brian Ching - “I think I played well today and you know it's up to him. All I can do is go out there and do the best I can every time I get out there, and I did that today.”
 Michael Ching - “We expect to maintain our estimates at 1.05 a share for 2000 and 1.43 for 2001, so Motorola remains the most attractively valued stock in our universe, at 23 times 2001 EPS estimates.”
 Michael Ching - “Chipset sales declined 26 percent to 269 million, and operating margins dropped to 24 percent from 39 percent. Qualcomm shipped only 11 million chipsets in the quarter, down from 15 million in the preceding quarter and 13.5 million a year ago. This disappointing performance partially reflected continued weak demand in Korea.”
 Tao Ching - “Knowing others is intelligence knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”
 Brian Ching - “It's going to be a World Cup-type game with a World Cup-type atmosphere because of the pressure on Germany to win right now.”
 Michael Ching - “There was nothing wrong with the process.”
 Tao Ching - “Do your work and then step back the only path to serenity.”
 Brian Ching - “The team is playing well right now. I can't say enough about the performance they put in tonight. It was a hot and muggy night and it was tough moving around. After 20 minutes out there, I was sucking wind. I can't imagine what those guys were feeling out there throughout the whole game,”
 Michael Ching - “The fact is that Next Level's management has no indication as to whether Qwest will actually slow down VDSL deployment. We do not believe that there will be any upside to next year's numbers from Qwest and, in fact, there may be some downside.”
 Brian Ching - “I don't look at it as an all-or-nothing, make-or-break game. I don't think I have to do it all here, but I think doing well here and showing well in the season is very important.”
 Brian Ching - “It's a big opportunity for me because it's a chance to show what I've got. It's definitely important to show what I can do over 90 minutes and try to make an impact.”
 Brian Ching - “It was frustrating because I thought I had some momentum. But I know what (Arena) is looking for, and I understand what I have to do to make the team. My job is to put the ball in the back of the net.”
 Brian Ching - “I felt comfortable out there. Even if I have not been starting, I have been around the team all year, so the guys know the way I play and I know the way that they play. I am just glad that I could get out there and help as much as I could. It felt almost like the beginning of the season again for me.”
 Brian Ching - “It feels great to be on a scoring streak. But he (Arena) told me I have to make an impact in the games I play. He wanted me to do that in the Germany game and he wants me to do it in this game.”
 Brian Ching - “It's another opportunity to perform and make the team.”

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