My Favorite Quotes
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 Hal Chiodo - “Allen made a great play. They were really stopping the run in the first half, but we thought if we could get on track that he might be able to break one.”
 Hal Chiodo - “Number one, we have some guts. They've worked hard to find something extra in the tank at the end of a game. Number two, the kids expect to win and do what it takes to win.”
 Tim Chiodo - “A lot of hard work went into the smooth execution of the tournament this year. We were pleased with turnout-the growth of the tournament to 13 teams and raising 1,4000. We look forward to building on that next year with more teams and more money.”
 Andy Chiodo - “The tournament was just a real breath of fresh air. It was nice to play playoff hockey in December.”
 Tim Chiodo - “This thing started from scratch. It now has a lot of members of the community involved and, each year, we've been able to raise more money for a good cause.”
 Andy Chiodo - “We were talking about, in the room, worrying about our game as a team. After you clinch a (East) division title it's one thing to let up as a team, but the sign of a true, I guess contending team, is making a run at the conference. Instead of being satisfied with a win last night we want to chase the next best thing.”
 Tim Chiodo - “The teams that won deserve mention, for sure. That's not really what this is all about. It's all about helping kids with cancer.”
 Tim Chiodo - “We all liked working for this charity and we liked basketball. So we put the two together and started a tournament.”