My Favorite Quotes
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 Manuel Chiriboga - “We want to point out that the bill is one thing and the free trade negotiations are something else.”
 Manuel Chiriboga - “In terms of agriculture, the ball is in the U.S. court we expect a response to our proposal. On intellectual property we cannot continue combined talks with Colombia because now we must determine with precision the interests of the country, especially with regards to patents.”
 Manuel Chiriboga - “We want to finish the final round of talks. We are very close to an agreement that is a priority for the country and we need to establish dates and a work schedule.”
 Manuel Chiriboga - “It would be ideal to end the free trade negotiations in the round that will begin on February 22 because on December 31 the Andean preferential trade law ends, but our interest is to sign an agreement that is mutually satisfactory and we will not hurry.”