My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Chirico - “The people in New Hope have been very supportive and have been overwhelmingly helpful in helping us to choose the right people to interview and to come up with a good story and really cooperating better than we could have ever imagined.”
 Giorgio Chirico - “Psychologically speaking, to discover something mysterious in objects is a symptom of cerebral abnormality related to certain kinds of insanity.”
 Jeff Chirico - “The people in the town are really what I think makes the town so unique. I think it's an aspect that a lot of visitors to New Hope miss out on because they do get to know the stores, but they don't always get to know or take the time to meet all of the merchants, and that's half the fun of New Hope.”
 Jeff Chirico - “The biggest obstacle is creating a program and putting together a quality documentary and doing it in a very inexpensive way. We have to make every dollar stretch as much as we possibly can.”
 Giorgio Chirico - “Although the dream is a very strange phenomenon and an inexplicable mystery, far more inexplicable is the mystery and aspect our minds confer on certain objects and aspects of life.”
 Jeff Chirico - “We felt it had a character, it had a great story to tell, it had interesting people and it had a rich culture that we thought would make for a great program.”
 Giorgio Chirico - “I believe, however, that such abnormal moments can be found in everyone, and it is all the more fortunate when they occur in individuals with creative talent or with clairvoyant powers.”
 Giorgio Chirico - “To become truly immortal, a work of art must escape all human limits logic and common sense will only interfere. But once these barriers are broken, it will enter the realms of childhood visions and dreams.”
 Giorgio Chirico - “Art is the fatal net which catches these strange moments on the wing like mysterious butterflies, fleeing the innocence and distraction of common men.”