My Favorite Quotes
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 Jay Chism - “Our hope is that through this type of training, fertilizer and pesticide runoff from homeowners will be reduced.”
 Wayne Chism - “It feels like Willie's going to be gone, but he's going to have to come to my house to play. It's going to be a good game.”
 Jay Chism - “When the weather turns nice, folks go out and purchase fertilizer without much thought to what they are applying. Without a soil test it is easy to over apply nutrients, like phosphorus, that end up in our local streams and rivers.”
 Jay Chism - “The class is designed for employees of businesses that sell fertilizer and pesticides. The training will provide increased knowledge in pest identification and management as well as basic horticultural training.”
 Jay Chism - “With more homes being built, there will be more homeowners using fertilizers and pesticides on their lawns and gardens. The best way to reach the public about how to properly use these materials is through the places they purchase the products.”
 Wayne Chism - “I've played a couple of big guys. I've stopped both of them. We need to play good man defense and keep the ball out of his (Wright's hands) if we are going to win.”