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 Jonathan Cheechoo - “We know how they play, they're very stingy defensively. We're just going to have to match that. We have to limit their chances, try not to give them any odd-man chances, and score when we get the opportunities.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “To get that many goals, I never expected that. I just wanted to contribute to the team's success, and luckily I've just been finding the back of the net this year.”
 Vishal Wanchoo - “Collecting data around the efficiencies and safety benefits of information technologies continues to demonstrate and accelerate efforts for the implementation of electronic health records.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “They actually had a (men's) team that was basically made up of my uncles and my dad. I just watched them since I was a little kid. They are all hockey fanatics.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “We got on a roll in December, and we've just been feeding on that and carrying over. We're going into the playoffs playing really good hockey, and hopefully we'll get to play Nashville.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “I've been working with my agent to try to get something set up. One of the things I think I'm going to start doing is a hockey school for sure because they are big hockey fans up there.”
 Vishal Wanchoo - “Together, we will be able to offer a comprehensive set of solutions meeting almost every need a hospital, clinic or doctor's office has.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “Any time you can get a little bit of rest it helps.”
 Michael Choo - “We're not in negotiations with the State of Texas at this time. We have been contacted by the state government a while back. We've been contacted by various state governments over the past several months. We're only considering the state of Mississippi.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “They used to put me in front of the TV when I was just a little kid, and that's the only time I would be quiet, my mom said.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “The last time we played them we came out a little bit flat and they played a really good, solid road game. So it's nice to come in here and to the same thing to them. I think we matched them a little bit better physically than we did at home, and we matched their intensity for the whole game.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “He was just trying to get the goalie to maybe bite a little on his move. He froze him enough to give me time to put it upstairs.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “I came in, trying to set myself up so I could shoot at any time. I got into shooting position and he dropped down pretty early, so I knew I just had to get it upstairs.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “I think the time in Cleveland helped him. It's tough to play there. It's a good development league, but it shows you what you have to do to get here.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “We weren't very disciplined (we) took a few penalties maybe we shouldn't (have). It was pretty one-sided, the (penalty) calling, but at the same time we were putting ourselves in that position.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “It's exciting when you get a player of that magnitude. He's in the top 10 in the league ... I'd say top five one of the best passers I've seen in a long time.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “It's exciting. I've been close a couple times before. I figured eventually it might come if I got the bounces.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “It's a hockey-rich town there, and everybody lives hockey. When they go hunting now they even take a generator, a TV and a satellite dish out there so they can watch the playoff games.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “It shows a lot of confidence by them the Sharks. I've always been comfortable here from the first day I played. The fans really embraced me here. That's why I agreed to stay here for five years.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “I've always known I could score goals. But when Joe (Thornton) came, I got the opportunity to play with him.”
 Vishal Wanchoo - “What's fantastic about this marriage is the two product sets are incredibly complementary.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “I wanted to put myself in a position where he'd make the first move.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “They battled hard after coming out flat in the first period. We jumped out to an early lead but we started to make it too difficult on ourselves and they got right back into it. It was nice to get that third one to get the guys going again.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “They play a similar style. For us, we've got to get up in their face and stop them before they can get going. We're still probably the fastest team. We need to get our defense up in the play to snuff out their forwards so they don't get a chance to get out on the breaks.”
 Jonathan Cheechoo - “We wanted to get the puck in deep because their defense is a little slower and smaller than they have been in the past. Everybody stuck to it and we got a good effort.”

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