My Favorite Quotes
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 Marissa Chovanec - “The four runs made it easy for Kelly the rest of the way. Kelly had her good stuff today. She struck out 11 earlier this year, but I believe this was her best performance overall.”
 Marissa Chovanec - “Many of them play on the same travel teams and know each other well.”
 Marissa Chovanec - “It was nice to see some sun. I have no doubts that better weather will be just the tonic for this offense. We moved the ball well and our execution overall was good. Better weather makes everyone looser.”
 Marissa Chovanec - “We had passed balls and wild pitches and that was another momentum shift. In that sense, we helped them move into scoring position.”
 Marissa Chovanec - “Yeah, and I will continue to watch them play on TV. Their abilities and their leadership will be missed, and it's not that you can say they will be replaceable, because they won't be. Sam was that way, and Angela is like that candle. They light it for the younger players to learn from for years to come.”
 Marissa Chovanec - “That's the best I've seen Mary Pat throw for quite some time, and she's been on the varsity for three or four years. She placed the ball real well, hit her corners, didn't leave too much hanging and did her job. She shut our hitters down, and I think we have some good hitters, so ...”
 Marissa Chovanec - “We did a good job of putting the ball in play. We showed pretty good patience at times, though we stranded a few runners.”
 Jan Chovanec - “When we anticipate guests needs, when we are flexible, when we are creative and we create a sense of privacy, all those five-star ratings will come.”
 Jan Chovanec - “We are striving for perfection, and that's our goal. In our business -- the luxury business -- if you are not 100 percent satisfied, we do not deserve your money.”
 Marissa Chovanec - “Kim threw strikes and she had good movement. When you get ahead of people, it makes it easy. Offensively, we helped Kim feel comfortable.”