My Favorite Quotes
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 Wayne Chrebet - “I saw Coach Herm in the team hotel a few weeks ago. I said, 'How you doing' He said, 'Doing the best we can. Guys are fighting. It's got to be a helpless feeling coaching. I don't know if I could do it.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “It's just a weird thing you don't want to accept. I've had a lot of time at home with my kids and that's been great. It's something I've always looked forward to. The rest is dealing with not having this in my life anymore.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “It doesn't shock me that he could come in here and practice two weeks and do what he did today. I'm not stunned, but yeah, it was something. I know this, it's a step in the right direction for us. That was a 4-0 team.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “It's been the greatest 11 years of my life. It's a shame that it's over, but I'm trying to focus on how great it was and how much it meant to me instead of being selfish and being miserable that I can't play anymore.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “He doesn't have to talk. He was the best and everybody knew it. What he's done the past couple of years, going to other teams, will let you know he's still proving things to himself.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “We've always taken great pride in going to other people's stadiums and sticking it to them. We have a great opportunity this week to not only show ourselves, but show everybody with a national game, that were certainly better than a 2-4 team.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “I'm practicing as hard as I can, like everybody else, ... And when I get my opportunity, I've got to be ready.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “For sure. It's one of the reasons you come back, to get the opportunity to do some more things. I hope this will get me back to my old form and help the team more than I have the last couple of years.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “Just to feel what it's like to drive to a game with the music on and see everybody with your jersey on and hearing the 'Jets' chant and being the center of that, it's been the greatest 11 years of my life.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “That's a play not a lot of guys will make, or want to make.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “Obviously I am on thin ice right now with it, ... but I can't go out there and think about it that way. I have to go out there and play the same way that I have played and hope for the best.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “I think it's just human nature, when you get backed into a corner, no one believes in you anymore, the chips are down. If you're any kind of competitor, that's when you'll come out and play well. We have enough guys who are like that in this locker room.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “a much more well-rounded offense. With the weapons we have, they have to decide who they want to take away by double-teaming, and we have other guys to make the plays. You haven't seen it in preseason games, but from practice, I can tell you there's a lot of stuff we haven't done in the past four years. I'm anxious to see how we do when we throw the whole offensive playbook at them in Kansas City in Sunday's opener.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “The guy made a nice play. But there's no doubt I had to make that play.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “They have tremendous chemistry, especially on the downfield stuff. You'll see Chad will take a little off the throw and give Laveranues a chance to jump for it, and he's going to make that play 10 times out of 10.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “That's not a concern. We know what we're capable of. We still have a lot of work to do, but you can't base anything on that.”
 Wayne Chrebet - “I still get them. That's what's good about having a bad memory. Instead of lying, I just tell you that I don't remember, ... All I know is that I'm here, I made it though another training camp and I'm ready to go.”