My Favorite Quotes
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 Jean Chretien - “Each one was a hero. Their contribution to science and space exploration will never be forgotten.”
 Jean Chretien - “You have to look at history as an evolution of society.”
 Jean Chretien - “A proof is a proof. What kind of a proof It's a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's because it's proven.”
 Jean Chretien - “We are all in it together and we intend to do it in the future in the same way. Terrorism is something that is very serious and it is not over yet,”
 Jean Chretien - “I will fulfill my mandate and focus entirely on governing from now until February 2004 -- at which time my work will be done and at which time my successor will be chosen,”
 Jean Chretien - “We will ensure that our legislation includes and legally recognizes the union of same-sex couples,”
 Jean Chretien - “Pierre Trudeau dreamed of a society that afforded all of its citizens an equal opportunity to succeed in life -- whatever their background or beliefs, whether rich or poor,”
 Jean Chretien - “expressed his horror at the news that the United States has been the victim of multiple terrorist attacks.”
 Jean Chretien - “it was my view that it would not be in the best political interests of the Liberal Party, ... you also told me to make my intentions known publicly as soon as possible. I have heard you.”
 Jean Chretien - “The Canadian people are with you, ... We have to work -- all the nations together -- to make sure that terrorism is destroyed.”
 Jean Chretien - “I would like to propose a toast to a great president of the United States, and a great leader of the free world, ... And good luck, Bill.”
 Jean Chretien - “The loss of a young life is always difficult to accept. But the senselessness of this act of violence makes it even more painful and all the more difficult to accept and comprehend,”
 Jean Chretien - “Pierre Trudeau, the embodiment of the dream of a just society, has left us,”
 Jean Chretien - “Young people from 100 countries have come to Toronto to celebrate and reaffirm their faith, and to do so in a spirit ... that recognizes and values the dignity of freedom for all peoples,”
 Jean Chretien - “We've discussed democracy, we have a clause of democracy, ... We've discussed what's needed to help the 800 million people in the hemisphere. We have discussed the environment, we have discussed education, we have discussed health, and all the leaders were very, very happy with what happened.”
 Jean Chretien - “The free and civilized nations of the world have joined hands to press the first great struggle for justice of the 21st century -- the struggle to defy and defeat the forces of terrorism,”
 Jean Chretien - “Saddam Hussein has brought this crisis on himself,”
 Jean Chretien - “The seven astronauts on board were accomplished women and men of great courage who put their extraordinary skills and knowledge to the service of humankind,”
 Jean Chretien - “Deficit reduction is not an end in itself. It is the means to an end. Canadians must now decide what kind of country they want to build with the hard-won dividend.”
 Jean Chretien - “The vast majority of the people who cross our border pose no risk to either country,”
 Jean Chretien - “Deficit reduction is not an end in itself. It is the means to an end, ... Canadians must now decide what kind of country they want to build with the hard-won dividend.”
 Jean Chretien - “We knew that there was going to be some people who were going to try to stop us, ... everything has been quite under control.”
 Jean Chretien - “chose to ignore or distort the clear evidence.”
 Jean Chretien - “Ten years ago, in the aftermath of the referendum in Quebec, the very existence of Canada was on the line... I had a responsibility to ensure that Canada never again came close to the precipice,”
 Jean Chretien - “But I tell you I was very proud of them, because they took it with such great class. Both of them. They said, 'We are not judges, we've done our best.' And it was a fabulous performance, and I am told that in Canada they had a strong reaction, and even in the United States.”

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