My Favorite Quotes
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 Chris Brady - “People were standing around and not having a place to sit.”
 Chris Brady - “It was obvious to me it was inadequate. That's going to change. We are going to have the absolute right to monitor anytime we see fit to.”
 Chris Brady - “The difference (Tuesday night) was (Venice) took advantage of the easy shots including foul shots and got a lot of second and third looks at the basket.”
 Chris Brady - “First my guy Peter saved me, then Jon made the play in left. I have to give those guys some love. I owe them for this one.”
 Chris Brady - “We didn't play as we normally do tonight. (The Panthers) played an all-around good game tonight. They are a really hard team to defend.”
 Chris Brady - “We were trying to do the right things. I just think we were trying to do them too impatiently. We had control, but it was kind of a slow-paced game. We never could kind of break free.”
 Chris Brady - “If more kids are involved in basketball at a younger age, it will have more of an impact later. A typical high school kid . . . I don't know if it will have much of an impact.”