My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Christian - “This is probably one of the better defensive games we've played all year.”
 Jim Christian - “I can give arguments for both players. Without question, we wouldn't be where we are without either one of them, for different reasons.”
 Jeffrey Christian - “You have people concerned about inflation picking up, you have higher oil prices, and you have the talk of sanctions against Iran. All of these factors may keep investors relatively more interested in gold than they otherwise would be.”
 Aaron Christian - “We talked about getting off to a good start in the second half, and we did. We kept our composure late.”
 Will Christian - “(Chairs) is very shifty, very good runner.”
 Will Christian - “Their skill position players are as good as they've ever been for them.”
 Jim Christian - “We had an unbelievable run in 2002, and that team will always be special in Kent State history. But this team will be in the very next paragraph.”
 Steven Christian - “On the first record, we weren't sure what we wanted to do. We hope to keep maturing and developing the sound.”
 Jim Christian - “You're always looking to see who has interest in you. I would never say I'm not interested. I'm always willing to talk. You owe it to yourself to explore all your options.”
 Hugh Christian - “As summer in the northern hemisphere progresses, you see lightning moving farther north. You see a similar pattern in the southern hemisphere, but not so pronounced because there isn't as much land outside the tropics.”
 Hugh Christian - “People living on some of the islands of the Pacific don't describe much lightning in their language.”
 Jim Christian - “We were able to keep to the same routine. We got a sandwich, popped in a movie, the kids talk and laugh at the back of the bus. That's where a lot of the memories happen. If you talk to the guys who played here, they say some of their best memories are of the bus rides.”
 Claudia Christian - “The busier you are, the more interesting you are. The more you're off doing your thing and loving your job and your life, that's fascinating.”
 Claudia Christian - “I'm more embarrassed about some of the films that I've been in than I am about Playboy. Playboy I'm actually quite proud of.”
 Claudia Christian - “I'm gonna be a character in a Happy Meal.”
 Claudia Christian - “Directors never give you anything.”
 Claudia Christian - “I've auctioned off many scripts and will continue to do so for good causes.”
 Jim Christian - “Nobody thought we were coming back. I'm sure nobody in the arena (did). I could hear people screaming and complaining, but you know what, these kids don't think they're going to lose.”
 Jim Christian - “The seniors are the reason we play. It's our program, but it's their team. These guys have overcome so much. At one time or another, each one of them hasn't started. But they all handled it. They have stuck through it.”
 Jim Christian - “Some of my friends said I was taking the Kent job at the worst possible time. They said all I could do was go down.”
 Jim Christian - “Boy, every time you think it's going to be tough for him to come back (from injury), he does.”
 Gary Christian - “Come out for the atmosphere and for a chance to taste some restaurants you might not have tried. It is a social thing and a good time.”
 Jim Christian - “You have to go through channels and get permission from my athletic director Laing Kennedy before you can talk to me. Duquesne has not talked to my athletic director. Until that time, it's not serious.”
 Claudia Christian - “Sci-fi nerds are respectful, honorable. You can trust them.”
 Jim Christian - “At one point we were 6-5 and juggling our lineup to find the right combinations. Then it came together. They started to understand what we were trying to do.”

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