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 Barbara Christian - “We believed the governor would stand by the victim.”
 Claudia Christian - “I wish everyone was a sci-fi geek because then there would be no violence in the world. There'd be no wars. There'd only be people e-mailing each other.”
 Jim Christian - “We get in there, get a sandwich, watch a movie. Those guys talk and laugh in the back. What I like is that it gives us a lot of time to spend with the guys. It's a different setting, and we're talking and joking around with them. They just enjoy it.”
 Hugh Christian - “Over land we see tremendous diurnal changes, a strong peak in lightning in the afternoon over land. Over water we see very little variation. We believe it's due to the land absorbing heat and causing strong convection. On the other hand, water can store a lot more heat, and release it slowly.”
 Hugh Christian - “There you get thunderstorms all year round. It's a result of weather patterns, air flow from the Atlantic and enhancement by mountainous areas.”
 Steven Christian - “It's been a little rough without having days off and because of the cold weather, we've been getting sick.”
 Shirley Christian - “We felt it was a success, and the weather was great.”
 Gary Christian - “The pin placements were very hard, ... The greens were actually a little softer today, but the pins and the wind made them tougher. I knew there weren't going to be any 65s today.”
 Claudia Christian - “Absolutely worth it and saying goodbye is always hard. Your co-workers on a series become your family.”
 Kevin Christian - “We have to send the message that this is wrong.”
 Claudia Christian - “I've been doing theatre since I was 5 years old.”
 Will Christian - “I really think they are solid all the way around. They are very, very solid. They are very well coached, and they are doing what they gave been doing what they have been doing for years.”
 Barbara Christian - “I haven't heard a word from him in 25 years. If he's changed, he sure hasn't let me know.”
 Barbara Christian - “I have no sympathy whatsoever. He not only kills the victim, but he inflicts life-long pain in the hearts of the victims -- the moms and brothers.”
 Kay Christian - “The new member education program is a good thing, it should teach students more, well rounded in what they want to do. However, you've got some groups who are just kind of, well, they act more like their fraternity or sorority is more like a local organization in that they run it like they want to run it.”
 Jim Christian - “I was very proud of our kids. They had an opportunity at the end of the game, and they took advantage of it.”
 Jim Christian - “In the first half, we had the best help on defense we've had in a number of games.”
 Jim Christian - “The counterfeiting of drugs is a great way to make a lot of money. With illicit drugs, you could get killed or sentenced to jail for the rest of your life. With counterfeit medicines, there's little chance of getting killed, and if you get caught, the sentence will be light since the issue just hasn't been taken that seriously in many countries.”
 Jim Christian - “We knew, with this being senior night, that he was going to come out and play. You cannot let an offensive player get in a rhythm and we let him make a couple of jumpers early.”
 Jim Christian - “Another guy who at one time was starting, was taken out of the lineup, never got down, kept working (and) worked his way back in. You can make that case for about six or seven of them.”
 Jim Christian - “I thought we played pretty hard tonight, which is all I'm concerned about. They're a tough team to guard, and whether we play here or in Alaska, I just want to make sure our team plays hard.”
 Jeff Christian - “This whole game was just huge for our team. Hopefully it is a building block to finish the rest of league season strong and make some noise in the playoffs.”
 Gary Christian - “I just went out there and tried to post par, ... Just grind it out. There are some holes out there where you can hit birdies but if you make one mistake you are making bogey.”
 Claudia Christian - “It's great when you find somebody you're compatible with, but I'm really into separate bedrooms. You live your life and I live mine.”
 Jim Christian - “That was the whole game plan to play for the four seniors who mean so much to this team. (Smith) really did that.”

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