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 Jeff Christian - “We finally put a whole game together and I am just so proud of the girls. We just played tough hard-nosed defense, contested every shot and tried to block out. The kids just stuck to the game plan and played really well.”
 Aaron Christian - “We hung in there and stuck to our game plan, but just ran out of steam at the end. I'm really proud of the kids' effort.”
 Jim Christian - “It's great to have that kind of tradition. That's unbelievable. In a lot of places, after four years, guys are gone and never come back, but not here. That's what makes this program special.”
 Jim Christian - “Isn't it every director's dream to gene-splice to get the ideal person for every role We had the same problem with the female lead one actress with the perfect look, one with the voice. I thought, what has Hollywood done in this situation”
 Jim Christian - “On Thursday, all eight teams that walk through the door know they have a great chance to win it. That's why it's always tough.”
 Linda Christian - “I leave the door open for them.”
 Jim Christian - “This was a group of guys with unbelievable determination to win this game. Toledo played their hearts out, but these guys would not be denied.”
 Jim Christian - “We're not good enough to match up with those guys one-on-one. We have to rely on solid team defense to contain those guys.”
 Barbara Christian - “How can these people be so inhumane Terri is forgotten and lies cold in her grave, and they feel sympathy Morales. What about my daughter, who was there to defend her”
 Claudia Christian - “You can't look in the face of adoration and be cruel.”
 Jim Christian - “In true leadership fashion he kept settling our team down. He's a great player. He doesn't have to just score. He's got to just control our team. He did that.”
 Jim Christian - “Confidence, I think, is something that spreads throughout the team. When they see one guy playing with confidence, it kinda filters to the next guy, and so on.”
 Steven Christian - “Pretty much we all write together. The guitar player comes up with a melody on the computer. We all throw in stuff and write our own parts.”
 Kevin Christian - “This is another step our School Board takes along with our community to keep our kids safe on one of the bigger nights of their high school career. If this keeps even one student from being killed that night, the inconvenience will have paid off.”
 Kay Christian - “They don't see the community service and the philanthropy work because those are organizations going out and doing that separately, so other people aren't going to see that.”
 Kevin Christian - “I hope the community is better for having had open and honest debate about the future of West Texas and how we can move the Big Country forward.”
 Jim Christian - “I wear pretty much the same clothes everyday. Just like those guys, I do the exact same thing every game day.”
 Kevin Christian - “It's a time for us to remember the people that have dedicated their lives to changing lives, to guiding children. They of course are teachers. And they have to be jazzed about teaching to keep up the inspiration and the motivation that creates excellent in our classrooms.”
 Jim Christian - “We worked for several years trying to get it produced back East, but he also had a lot of other projects that kept him busy. He kept the option for years, but the show never quite materialized. I didn't lose any sleep over it.”
 Shirley Christian - “The participation of the business and civic groups was overwhelming. The parade route was lined with spectators who weren't disappointed.”
 Claudia Christian - “I give everyone the benefit of the doubt.”
 Jim Christian - “He's so enthusiastic to play this game after all the things he's been through. He nearly went two years without playing basketball. He's not the same player that he once was, but now, he does it on guts and determination. I'm so proud of him.”
 Jim Christian - “They play the same style, but their size is so impressive. They are one of the best interior passing teams I've seen in a long time in college basketball. This team might be better than in 2002.”
 Jim Christian - “I look forward to continuing my coaching career at Kent State. My goal, as it has been since the day I arrived at Kent State, is to continue the tradition our program has developed. We will strive to maintain the high level of excellence Kent State basketball has achieved in recent years.”
 Jim Christian - “You have to walk out there and realize you're a championship team, too. You played good basketball to get to this point, regardless of who it was against. That's what we tell our kids. We can play with anybody, but we have to stay focused.”

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