My Favorite Quotes
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 Scot Ciccarelli - “You've seen huge growth in units, but very substantial price compression, dollar growth more limited,”
 Joe Ciccarelli - “Despite what may be believed to the contrary, the shootings that occurred in August 2003 are unsolved.”
 Scot Ciccarelli - “Best Buy remains our favorite stock and we would be aggressive buyers at current levels. Even our newly raised estimates could prove to be very conservative as the company rides the digital TV wave, gets an incremental boost from the new video game cycle and starts to improve its operating expense infrastructure.”
 Scot Ciccarelli - “It's a matter of chocolate or vanilla, and I would prefer the Best Buy flavor at this point,”
 Scot Ciccarelli - “Everyone recognizes direct and build-to-order is a more profitable business method as opposed to stocking your shelves and hoping the product moves off of them, but I don't believe that retail is going away either.”